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Winning design #97 by logox, Logo Design for Pacific Salt Scrubs Contest
Gold Medal

designed by logox

Project description

Create a logo for the brand, "Pacific Salt Scrubs".   The product is an exfoliating natural sea salt hand and body scrub.  

(Pacific ocean theme with salt splash, color ideas are sea foam green, blue, white) Something has a "Wow" look to it.

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  • Change the pink color in the word "PACIFIC" to a green color #119
  • It was a real pleasure for me to create a logo for your company. I am really very much appreciating the
    possibility to direct my creative potential to fulfilling so interesting task.
    Thank you for taking some time to send me a feedback. #127
  • First of all, I want to thank you for message.
    This logo will also be excellent and interesting on the jar or packaging.
    Please let me know which design you like.I hope you appreciate my efforts and can estimate it at its true worth. Also,If you would like to have contact with me in the future I’m happy to assist. #126
  • Please leave a comment under feedback on the design.
    Thank you, and have a nice day. #125
  • If you want any changes colors, design and font feedback me. Thank you, #124
  • I send you the logo only.I hope You'll like my ideas and new design.
    Best, #123
  • I decided to make this logo in blue colors that speaks both about product and about ocean.I made the sides on the contrast of dark and light with the purpose. It shows the boundless and rich qualities of the produkts

    The overall feeling is "craft". So it brings the feeling that the product is not made with billions jars over the world with preservatives, GMO's, gluten, etc. The feeling is that product is made by craft company when the company's owner directly participates to the production and distribution process.
    Natural feeling. Let me know what you think.Your like this idea? #122
  • My logos proposal implements the points:

    1) Target is to attract customer's eyes before the customer will begin to read something on the jar.

    2) The customer must feel that the product is much better than usual one. So the engraved image of the ocean brings the feeling that the product is intellectual and made/distributed by educated and cultured people. So its quality is very high.
    So, the quality is guaranteed. #121
  • This design is very juicy and bright, summer and fresh. #120
  • I'm looking for something less 'refined' a bit more rough and thrown together, something maybe a graffiti or drew tattoo artist.
    In this option for the logo, the goal was to show a modern interesting font that will be intertwined with the plant elements, as the girls love flowers and this is a product for them as well. #119
  • Inasmuch as the product is created for women, I considered, that minimalistic and delicate design with green lines would be appropriate. In this logo particular emphasis is placed on environmentally friendly products.
    So, I think this logo design pretty cool and Very creative! Maybe your like this new design.
    Let me know what you think.Your like this idea? #118
  • Hi,
    In this model I created a new image of composition of logo.
    I added to design smooth green lines which do composition more live. #117
  • One more change: Can you make the word "scrubs" stand out better. #84
    • @hartval Thank you for feedback I will make changes, I have uploaded some new designs!All the best!

  • Can you make Salt Scrubs stand out better? larger? Thanks, #74
  • Last change: Can you make the top font, "Pacific Salt" match the bottom font. Have the same font. Thanks #98
  • I will make changes right now.If you not like I have a few other suggestions. Thank you #109
  • Dear @hartval! Check please my entry #96 and feel free to let me know what do you think about it!

    Kind regards
  • can you change the font on the word "scrubs"? It's too hard to read. use the font on #55 but keep the black color. Thank you. #46
  • send me the logo only. not all the swag #87
  • send me the logo only. not all the swag #88