Paddock 2 table catering

Process was great throughout.

AU$372 paid

85 custom designs

21pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #10 by Atilla, Logo Design for Paddock 2 table catering Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Atilla

Project description

Newly established catering company, using local produce, we want our logo to represent  produce from the paddock to the table, modern but simple no gimmicks 

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  • Could you please swap the tree on number #70 with this tree and change the writing to lower case with capitals for the first letter, thanks #78
  • Could you please put the word catering below the other writing.
    Thanks #70
  • Could you please move the word catering to below the other writing and change the font to the same as entry 16.
    Thanks #52
  • About #52, @rockabilly.romania
    Thank you for your appreciation. Let me know if you need more proposals or specific changes. :)
  • please feedback to my design sir,, thanks #74
  • Can you remove the plate and change the font please, could you please try and use a table in the image,
    Thanks #38
  • can you please add some more colours. blue and green and aqua, incorporate a crop image #13
    • About #13, @nicklove1505
      okay. revision has uploaded. #30 please. a unique crop that form catering symbol. hope you'll like it. thank you

  • not a fan of the closh, try use other catering style images thanks #15
  • can you make the t a capital letter, can make the leaves bigger, can you send through the updated design in a variety of fonts please #10
  • really like the colours, can you and a tree trunk to the leaves. not brown though #16
  • really like your designs
    could you do some other designs including, farm images( Not animals) seedlings, fencing etc
    • Thank you for the feedback. I'll see what can I come up with. #10

  • hope you intrest.. #14
  • way too modern, cant understand the writing, refer back to brief #2
  • way too simple, poor colours #12
  • serious company, too gimmicky for us #9
  • to generic, earthy colours, too simple #4
  • too simple, not enough colour, name of the words need to be grouped together in a similar size, no plate #6
  • not a fan, looks like a poster, can you go back to the drawing board please #7
  • like your design mate, can make all wording more prominent , not a fan of the colour scheme or the plate
  • please check entry #12 ,,i hope you like it,