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Another successful logo competition. This has been a great find and opened up opportunities for us to link with various designers to provide us with a global perspective. I will be back :)

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Winning design #1309 by zeen, Logo Design for PADO company logo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by zeen

Project description

What we need:  A logo for our company name "PADO"  

Logo is for:  Website, silk screening on our product and any advertising such as on the box, tv or web banners.

What we expect:  "PADO" should be clean and modern with a luxury lifestyle feel.  Feel free to get creative with or without a brand mark. 

Pure Wave by PADO will be printed on the product. We are holding a separate contest for the Pure Wave if you are interested check it out. The winner should include the "by"  font or suggestion which we will request at the end. 

Our Business Goal: We want to enhance people's lives and bring them enjoyment through high quality lifestyle products. 
Quality products but not over priced.

Name Meaning: Pure Sin Wave
Power, Strength, Consistency
Personality: Smart, sleek, fluid, stylish, fashionable, friendly, explorer, playful

Target Audience: Male & Female 30-70. Spa & Fitness, Couples, luxury lifestyle. Target Market is USA and Canada for now.

Special Note for Logo Printing on the Pure Wave body massager:
Pure Wave massager by PADO will come in (4) colors. Black, White, Wine Red, and a TBD color. We will need to change the color of the logo based on the base color of the product, or come up with a color that reads on both black and white versions. The winner should provide us with black, white and blue variations. Or we can adjust the colors later in Adobe Illustrator.

Who we are:  We are an established Manufacturer and Retailer and eCommerce company.  We are launching a satellite project that has a single product for launch. The product is almost ready for logo silk screening so we need a logo pretty fast.

What is our flagship product...Pure Wave: It's a personal health & fitness massager that is designed for full body muscle relaxation, sports muscle rollout, deep tissue massage and facial massages.  Take a look at our other contest for the Pure Wave Massager

Special Thanks to You!  We want to thank everyone who participates! Your creativity and brilliance is truly valued. We also hope to create a lasting relationship with some of you.

future website:

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    • Please check the color of wine
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  • I will be discussing all entries today with the judges. The current ranking does not necessarily equal the medals that will be given. We will award final medals Gold, Silver, and Bronze before tomorrow. Again BIG Thanks to all the Designers who contributed to this contest. A special thanks to the Designers who persevered through our comments and submitted many entry revisions and variations! Thank you!!!
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  • A slight variation on the "a".

    fcurtis #1503
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    Two versions of #229 with an icon ( if you care for such ).

    Best wishes and Good luck,

    Buba #1468
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  • Here's the "metal" version.

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