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Winning design #45 by uzairdesigner, Logo Design for Painttini logo Contest
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designed by uzairdesigner

Project description

I am looking for a logo for my paint and sip business. I would like the background to be dark grey, and the words to be yellow and white. Paint being yellow and tini being white. Under I would like a slogan painting classes with a twist, to the right I would like a martini glass with a twist of lemon. The whole premise of the company is a fun night out while learning how to paint - for adults! So I would like the design to be clean and classy.

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  • The designs look great so far. I am looking a different types of font though and am not sure if I like all caps or not. I definitely like the P to be capital at least. I am also thinking I would like the twist to come out of the glass rather than be a wheel or a wedge on the glass. I like how there is a color accent word in the slogan, you are all making it hard to choose.
  • Hello there, please be so kind and check my entries #2 #3 and #5 in #5 martini glass is made of pencil shape I hope you will like it. For any suggestions and corrections please let me know. best regards
  • Hi thanks for the rating. I made 3 more, one with script/painted font and martini with olives, see #18, the other two lowercase versions of the initial design, please see #19 and #21. Thanks Andrei
    • I am really liking your shade of yellow. Thank you for the submissions.

    • Thanks for the appreciation. Any direction or "twist" you'd like to see? Andrei

  • Hi CH Have submitted #22, #24, #27 & #28 Any feedback is appreciated thanks
  • I would like to see some bolder fonts, just for comparison purposes. And I think I have settled on having "classes" in the slogan to be the only thing highlighted in yellow. Thanks all!
    • Hi CH Plz have a look at #27 Option with bolder fonts and classes in yellow colour. thanks

  • Hi mcline23~ I created a logo for your consideration that features a paintbrush as the stem of the martini glass and the brush stroke is a lemon twist. Hope you like #37. Kind regards, PaintedPony
  • Are you able to bold this design, enlarge the P, and change the yellow to paint and classes? I like the look of this font.
    • GJR

      yes, i'll work on that for you. Would you also like to see #30 in the new yellow? thanks.

    • I would, I really like the new yellow. Thank you.

    • |--|

      mcline23 {*wrote*}:
      I would, I really like the new yellow. Thank you.
      |--| And 17 too!

    • GJR

      I've submitted #35 & #36 with your requested changes.

  • I'm also a big fan of this one, I really like your martini glass and the twist. Can you see about a font that is a little more feminine?
    • GJR

      I'll work on finding a new font for this too. Thank you.

    • GJR

      I've submitted #30. I've chosen a font which is softer with more movement which I think is both more feminine and reflects the paint theme better. I hope you like it, thanks.

  • I really like this design. Can we see what it would look like in bold? Just the painttini part? I would also like to see the classes be in yellow rather than twist.
    • GJR

      Many thanks for your feedback I'm glad you like my designs. I've added #29 with these changes.

  • Hi #43 and #44 are my new uploads. I made the font more soft and curvy, and also made the glass contour only.. Hope to hear feedback. Thanks Andrei
  • Can we change the Paint on this one to yellow?
    • GJR

      Hi. Design #45 has this change. Thank you. .

    • It looks great! Thank you. I am having a tough time choosing between #31 and #45. Since you created both designs would I be able to select both as the winners?

    • GJR

      I think the system will only allow you to choose one as the winner but the winning designer can supply multiple versions of your logo with different fonts.

    • GJR

      sorry for the vague reply to this question, there are rules on what we can post here to stop designers trying influence the contest holders decision.

    • CH You should really ask our admin, Sharie, as how to proceed if you like 2 designs. I am sure she has the right answer... thanks

    • Thanks all, I will contact Sharie.

    • This means that you have already chosen the winner?