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Winning design #55 by savina, Logo Design for Paradise Eco-Adventures Contest
Gold Medal

designed by savina

Project description

We are looking for a new logo. Paradise Eco-Adventures operates Zipline and Aquaball Adventures on the westside of Maui on the grounds of the Maui Dragon Fruit Farm. However, we would like to expand in the future to do shore-line excursions for cruiseship visitors and possibly operate other activity adventures in Hawaii. This logo will be used for logo wear, marketing and on our website. It would be nice if the location could be added for logo wear purposes...Lahaina, Hawaii and possibly other locations in the future. To learn more about us you can view our website: And thru our promotional videos on our YouTube Channel:

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  • We would like it to have more of a "tropical" feel. That Hawaiian tropical paradise look: coconut trees, ocean waves, hibiscus flowers, water falls, ferns... Not all of those, but the design should make the viewer think of Hawaii.
    • Alright. I can easily whip that up. Thank you for the input.

  • We like the idea. But the island should look like Maui in relief and need to be emblem style so we can print it on easily on different color shirts, hats, etc.
  • Is there anything you want added or changed in entry #2?
  • Hi ch, Submitted entry #1 . Seems like a fun contest to partake in. always interested in hearing of any changes you would like to see. Thanks!
  • I totally revamped my design to feel more Hawaiian and tropical. Is there anything you would like added?
    • Thanks Rhyft. Could we take out the dashes around the border? And try making the "mountains" more like a view of the West Maui Mountains. This pcture is a nice example of the view of West Maui from the ocean...

  • We like it' But feel it is too zipline specific and we are concerned about it relying too much on color rather than design for its "pop".
    • Thanks for the feedback. I look forward to creating my next entry.

  • Good improvement. However, it is a little busy and the silhouette of Maui could still be more recognisable.
  • I submitted #3, if you have any comments or criticisms, I'd appreciate it. Let me know. I look forward to submitting another design. Thanks.
  • We really like your design. Would it be possible to have some green perhaps the mountains and the coconut tree fronds. Also if the "mountains could be shaped like Launiupoko valley that would be awesome. Here's a nice picture:
    • Thanks, I am glad you like my design. I submitted #12 - like #10 with green tree fronds #13 - like #10 with mountains and green tree fronds #14 - I changed the mountains to look more like the picture, green mountains and tree fronds I hope you like them too

  • Hi, I submitted #10, I hope you like it. I will be glad to hear your opinion
  • We really like the creativity of your logo designs. We were wondering if there is a way to incorporate the Aquaball in this design. Perhaps in the background with the logo in front, instead of the yellow/orange sun. Here is a link to a nice shot of the ball...
  • Thanks for the changes. Can you try making the "mountains" look like the West Maui Mountains? Here's is a link to a nice photo...
  • I mimicked the image you sent. Please tell me what you think, and if anything can/should be changed.
  • We really appreciate how you are incorporating the "aquaball" in the design. However, we actually do "zorbing" a double wall ball with water inside that you slide down a hill in. If you look at our Aqauball Adventure video: you will get a better idea of the ball. Also, could you change the hibiscus to Kainani Kai? Here's a link to a good photo:
    • Howzit Ch Here are the revisions as requested. I believe that Kainani and Hibiscus are the same family Hibiscus rosa-sinensis so all was changed was the colors. For printing reasons I did not add the fine details on the crown for the may be lost in reproduction or complicate the printing process. Pleasure to hear your thoughts. Aloha

    • Aloha- We like the new designs and the white Hibiscus looks good. Super like the new ball design in #29 with the swirling water and the Menehune. Perhaps a pin-up type female might be more appealing? Could you combine some elements from your different submissions? The round logo #25 with the Hibiscus and bamboo look in #27, maybe the coconut trees from #26 and the ball in #29 by the border. In the center, we like the West Maui mountains, ocean, sky and perhaps someone zip lining from the right to left. Hope this makes sense.

    • Aloha Ch, For the bamboo would you like it wrapped around the circle or squared as is if good? I should have uploads by tomorrow morn. Mahalo

    • We were thinking wrapped around the circle.

    • Howzit Ch #34 is revised with coconut tree #36 is what your describing Pleasure to hear your thoughts Mahalo

  • I have submitted #23. It would be great if you could give me some feedback on the design. Let me know what I can change to suit your needs. Thanks, JoshB
  • Definitely moving in the right direction. Maui does not have seagulls or orange skies. Can we try light pink and blue for the sky? And make the Paradise a little softer somehow.
  • What else can I change? I've done everything you have asked
  • Hi, I made some improvements - #33, #35, #37, #38, #39. I hope you like it.
    • Hi Savina, We really like your design, but need to think about it. We will get with you soon.

    • OK, Thanks. Tell me if you want me to make some changes or improvements

  • Hi, CH. I have uploaded #32. I hope you'll like it. It would be grate if you could give me some feedback on it. Thanks,
  • So this is really good and the closest to what we want. Can you eliminate the water fall, change the lettering to like #38, bring the flowers in and make them white (we have white hibiscus on site, pic: )and last add a zip liner, similar to #3, you may need to rearrange the coconuts to make that look good? Thanks so much!
    • Thank you very much for the feedback. I made the changes here #42 and #43. I hope you like it. If you want any more improvements just say