Paula Davey Dance

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Winning design #158 by gaisan, Logo Design for Paula Davey Dance Contest
Gold Medal

designed by gaisan

Project description

Dance studio ...jazz tap ballet hip hop for kids age 3 to 18. I would like the colors royal blue and hot pink with accents of black I like loud in your face and quick glance advertising. This logo will be used on studio dance wear and competition team jackets with the possibility of business cards

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  • hi customer, the name is "Paula Davey Dance" ? thank you
    • The full name is Paula Davey Dance School but I am wanting to shorten it so when on jackets, it is very noticeable at first glance

    • Hello, I don't know why this is count for a clipart. I've never seen the image you posted before. I did this drawing with a model from this link: And I have adjusted a bit of the posture because I don't want it to be just a copy of that dancer. So can you tell me if this is still a clipart? And when will you start to give the designer a chance to defend themselves or make explanation before receiving infraction? Thanks.

  • Dear Sir, i have submitted entries #7 and #8. please go through it and leave a feedback. Thanks
    • Can you make the logo of the dancer a bit bolder/bigger

    • Dear sir, Thank you for reply. Sir which logo do you want bolder ? #7 or #8? Thanks

    • Hi there, #7 is just too much when I am thinking of a jacket logo or even street sign but I am liking #8. I am wondering if this logo could be done more verticle....Thank You

    • Hi Sir, I have made few changes as per ur suggestion and submitted entries #97 and #98. kindly go through it. Thank You

  • I Submitted 16 and 17. i also prematurely entered 15 without correcting the background, so please disregard. Any feedback is wanted, and 17 is shortened because i read that you wanted a shorter design on the jackets. if you would like, give me feedback on both and i can go from there. thanks. Also all feedback would be greatly appreciated as i am just starting out and very inexperienced at the age of 14. Thanks for your consideration. Ryan
    • I am liking your designs, the different dancer is kinda cool, could you add a star or rhinestone flash to it?

  • Out of curiosity, have you decided what sort of application you'll use for the design on dancewear? (i.e. embroidery/screen print/heatpress) It helps to know what kind of details will translate.
    • No I have not, I will actually be leaving it up to a dancewear company. This company does embroidery and silk screen so it will just depend what looks better

    • Ok thanks for the info :) I'll work on something and submit soon.

  • Hello CH.. I have submitted my design #4.. any feedback are appreciate, thank's and regards
  • Hi:) Could you leave feedback for my entry #44. Thank you! I really appreciate it:)
    • I like it but the P with wings is not my favorite.

    • :) Thank you for the feedback. What would you suggest me to change? Do you prefer forming letter P (or some other letters) with graphic figures or making them more individually? I was thinking about using flappy lace to replace the wings. :) What do you think? Thank you:)

    • Hi There, yes I think forming the letter P or D with a graphic would be good, but maybe some shooting stars with a flashy rhinestone look would be better than a lace but would like to see that too

  • Hi Jaz :), please take a look at #57 .Loud, modern and flexible design that can be used with any color and looks good in stickers, tshirts and jackets. I really Hope this works for you. If you wish to see any changes or modifications , please let me know. :)
  • Dear jaz1 Please give thoughts on entry #54 Do you like it what changes would you like Also would like to know what you feel about the entry #35 Thank you
  • Hello, please take a look at #21 let me know if you would like to see any changes. Thanks!
  • Hi Jaz1! how are you? check it out my proposals, #26 and #27 please let me know if you have any feedback, regards!
  • Dear Sir Ihave uploaded my design #80.ANY comments or improvements.Thnx regards Barirah
    • I am liking #80 however if the name was one color and if you could add some rhinestone flash to it. Could the dancer be more tilted in towards the P ?

    • thnx sir.i have made the corrections#127.hope u would like it. regards barirah

  • Dear CH, This is my first submit entries, please ceck my design and concept #65. Thanks you :) Regard Kurniawanariif
    • Hi #65, It's ok but we do not do teach couples at our studio so I am not fond of the picture with the 2 people dancing Thank You

  • Hello sir, I have just uploaded my design #121 hope you like it, I have additionally added a tagline over there, i would be very happy to modify the logo if you suggest some corrections, Awaiting your positive response Thank you
  • Be original! Do not copy existing designs/clipart:;
  • Do not use Clipart!;
  • clipart is not allowed in logo contests
  • Good Afternoon jaz1, I just uploaded #107 for "Paula Davey Dance". Thank You,
  • SGh
    Hi,CH...just submitted entries #104 & #105...any feedback regarding these will be highly helpful.Thanks.
  • Hello sir, I have just submitted entries #100 and #103 if exist any corrections and i will modify it soon. Thank you
  • hi ch please see #55 #70 #72 #73 and review it... awaiting feedback...thanks
    • Hi There, I like #70 the best out of all of them, just wondering if you can define the dancers just a little bit more in the P D. I like how they look professional but I am trying to go with professional and fun and funky for the kids....Thank You

    • thanks for the feedback .I will working on and submit soon as possible.thanks......