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Winning design #194 by Brendox, Logo Design for Paws for Thought Contest
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designed by Brendox

Project description

I need a logo for my pet care business to make it 'stand out from the crowd'. I operate in an affluent area in London (UK) where my clients expect the best (as well discretion at all times). My team has an excellent reputation for delivering a caring, professional and quality service. Furry clients include dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, birds, fish and occasionally snakes and spiders. My team are lively, fun, caring and skilled professionals and we would love a logo that reflects this but is stylish too. Thank you for your interest.

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  • Dear CH, pls check my design entry #4, the inspiration on this design is a message bubble as it represents thought, i incorporate the paw on it to make it compelling. i hope you like it. Thank you. Best Regards, Finestroke
  • hi.CH good day.. pls. see my design #2 pls give me a feed back thank you.
  • hello CH check my design #1 let me know is you want to make any changes..
  • Dear CH, I have followed your feedback regarding hearts & "alpha males":-), I made another version without it - #51. I am open for any changes that you may want. Kind regards B.
  • Hi. Beautiful but too complex. Thank you. Jacky
  • Hi Peachy. Your design has disappeared (the one with cats and dogs). Can you reload? Jacky
  • Hello again. Sorry I'm having to squeeze this in around other jobs. I prefer the blue wording to green (or can we try a combo). Love the cartoons but need a small rodent and not sure where animals should be in design. Could we change "dots" to tiny paw prints?. This is a lot harder than I anticipated!! Jacky
  • Dear Designers. Thank you so much for your hard work so far. Features that we have identified so far as important are 1) use of both colours ie green and blue 2) we would prefer some characters ie dog, cat and small rodent (guinea pig, hamster, mouse) at least 3) quirky and fun 4) we like the "thought bubble" and the paw prints 5) font type is important (I'm a great fan of Bradley Hand ITC) 6) not too loud (my clients are a sophisticated bunch) or too harsh/industrial (we are caring first and foremost). Hope that helps. Best wishes Jacky ps unfortunately I eliminated some designs before I realised i had to provide feedback first. For this I apologise most sincerely.
  • yoiu are not aloowed to use dingbats or art from fonts. All logs are required to be created 100% by you the font art is found here
  • Hello again. Colours good, love the dog (I need a cat and small rodent too so my other clients are not offended). Why the question mark? Best wishes Jacky ps Thought not Thougth
  • Thank you for a very beautiful and thoughtful piece of art. The thought bubbles seem out of place and i don't know if it would work better with the words to the left and artwork to the right (with pet care dropped)? Best wishes Jacky
  • Hi. This certainly grabs your attention and my team like it. But can you "soften" it a bit...if that makes sense. Our clients' most important value is caring. And our demographic likes under-stated. Thank you. Best wishes, Jacky
  • Ty for feedback Jacky , ill try and find a different format for fonts.
  • Thank you for your designs. Prefer 46 of the two (I didnt like colour and format in this one). But interesting and clever approach. Best wishes Jacky
  • Hi. Like the use of colour but not the font I'm afraid. Thank You. Best wishes Jacky
  • Hi. I really like this but a bit too "industrial" for a small caring and fun company. Thanks. Jacky
  • Hello Javed. Thanks for your additional submissions. However, style of cat and parrot do not match up with original dog! Sorry but please try again. Best wishes, Jacky
  • Hello again. Prefer your other two designs...and pets still too "cutesy". Best wishes Jacky
  • Dear Babba, I like the use of colour in designs 40 and 44 but the hearts have not gone down so well with out "alpha males". Thanks and best wishes Jacky
  • About #41 & #42 Dear CH Thanks for your rating towards my entry. As you already get some different line cartoon character. I try to go differently as per your brief I add a Bird (PARROT)to the theme. which surely gives you an other perspective. Hope you like it If you need any modifications please let me know. Thanks & Regards Javed