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Project description

We need to create a logo for the payment aggregator - online service for receiving payments, allowing sites and online stores to accept payments from customers by various payment methods. Recommended: use the green color in the logo. Can partially. Green like #68a733 Under the logo should be the slogan "Мастер платежей".

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  • in logo must be also graphical logo
    • please check #49 and give me some feedback again sir. :)

  • have a look in #45 the logo represent word pm , give ur valuable feedback , thnk u
  • Please do not use logo on credit card form. We do not issue the credit cards.
  • regards, Here is the card design and logo, different visions. I had in mind making a debit card, but I have a vision of what I do as an abstract piece that has always set the right side of the visa card-example can be seen in Raifaissen bank, I thought something like this and report back to the bright blue. But I hope that you like and these beginnings #58, #59, #60 and #61 Kind regards, krisdesign
    • krisdesign #58, #59 looking to simple. About #60, #61 I told earlier do not use credit card form.

  • Only one design per canvas is allowed, you van change colors or position of icon/text, but you can't submit different font or icon style on single canvas
  • Feedback for all. Try to use different graphical logos. Good graphical logo (not only name logo) is your key for success.
  • please, try also with other graphics logos
    • Dear CH, thanks for feedback i upload your suggested idea i hope you like thanks

  • please try to use something else in the circle not "P" or other graphical elements
    • hi batechko, i was actually incorporated the "P" in the logo to look like a pocket :) but i can try some elements too. thank you for ratings & directions

  • LukeConcept, try to use in graphical logo man with money and circle.
  • Нужно паработать над текстом. Логотип должен хорошо смотреться, как перед текстом, так и над ним.
  • please, try also with other graphics logos
  • please, do not use ".au" it is incorrect. Correct ".ua"
    • Dear CH, Thanks for feedback i upload new entry included .ua

  • Rajagee, please, can you redesign this man? may be, make him stronger and with some money in hand. Thanks
    • Dear CH, please check my new entries as your required changes i hope you like thanks

  • Graphic logo should be all-sufficient like in yours designs #49, #68 and Circle in is realy good just try to redesign man.
    • please check my update entry in #85. I hope you like it sir. :)

  • #82: Icon represents a star stylized as spinning bills. Good luck! Glory to Ukraine!
    • eximius, Ð’Ñ‹ понимаете русский или украинский?

    • I do, but we're not allowed to speak other languages on public comment wall to avoid frauds and inappropriate comments between CH and designers. Technically, non-English comments should be reported. Thanks.

    • Ок, no problem. Logo more looks like circular blade for wood. Want something bright and rapid that looks maybe not so simple.

    • I am sorry, batechko. Taking into the account the amount of prize shown; that this contest is not guaranteed and visible to all; your current ratings for the submitted entries, I don't think I am going to invest much time to this. Thanks for the opportunity. Good luck!

  • yes black version #83 was better than #81
  • unfortunately, we do not work with dollar currency only national currency that is why use so openly dollar in logo not so good.
  • kwik, you have many good designs, but can you display in graphical logo not "P" but some character like animal or man or image of a person. what you fancy when you hear "pay" and "master". Thanks for you greate designs.
  • friendnand, nice, but can you display not creditcard form. draw something character like animal or man or image of a person. what you fancy when you hear "pay" and "master"
  • unfortunately, credit card form is not about our website