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Winning design #121 by PaintedPony, Logo Design for PBA Wellness Logo Contest
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designed by PaintedPony

Project description

Logo design for a new health and wellness company. The company name is PBA Wellness. This company focuses on identify, develop, and incorporate wellness initiatives onstie within corporations. Also to improve health, reduce company and personal healthcare costs, gain public recognition, and assist in attracting and retaining healthy productive employees for all PBA clients. PBA Wellness offers all clients access to a Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer at no cost. In addtion clients are able to access onsite services rather than simply an online component. Our slogan is " wellness within reach" I'm looking for a logo that... 1. With or without the PBA Wellness slogans 2. That is clean and sleek 3. Colors are very flexible 4. Incorporates a wellness and/or health theme 5. Represents a reliable and personal company Thank you for any and all work submitted! Beth

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  • Thank you for the information, this will help us all to make the perfect logo for you.
  • I have updated the brief with some more information that will hopefully be helpful. Thank you for your patience as I am new to this site.
  • Sure thing! The name of the company is PBA Wellness. Our slogan/tagline is " Wellness within reach. " Our company focuses on the prevention side of health care. We work with companies to create internal health and wellness programs through education on nutrition,physical activity and mental health. We work to improve health of the employees, reduced company health care costs and identify areas of health concerns within companies. PBA Wellness focuses on holistic and science based health care. PBA Wellness provides the services of a Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer at no cost to our employees. Plus rather than soley an online component we also offer onsite, one on one counseling to all clients. Thank you so much for your interest!
  • Dear Sir / Madam We will need some more information to design a good logo. I have some questions that can help us to provide you with logos more to you needs: - What is the name of your company? - Does it have a tagline? - Can you please briefly describe your company? - What makes your company stand out from others? Best regards, mioo
  • beth, as you requested here is my revision.. tagline included... #42... hope you like it... if anything else you want me to do just request... thanks... Best Regards, Alvinnavarra
  • CH, I have just submitted the entry #36 with your advices. I hope you like Lorenzo
  • Would it be possible to add the Wellness back onto the main line. So PBA Wellness "wellness within reach"
  • Love this logo!!! Would like to see it with a different font, perhaps less rounded.
  • We really like the logo but would love to see the name in a different font. Perhaps one that is less rounded.
  • We really like this design but would love to see it with the slogan encorporated if possible " wellness within reach." Also, could we see it with a little less arch in the P? Thanks!
  • A quick thought that is hopefully helpful. we decided that we prefer to use a lowercase w on "wellness within reach"
  • @ MSGraphic: There is an S missing on the end of PBAWellness. We like the logoed effect behind but i think i would prefer it if perhaps the lines were straight rather than wavy. Also, I think a color spectrum of the different shades of green rather than the multicolor.
  • Dear ch, I've just posted #17 , I would like to know your opinion and, if is possible you advices to improve my entry. Thanks Lorenzo
  • Dear Contestholder, I've posted #15, could you give me some feedback of what you think so we can make changes if want. Best regards, mioo
  • Hello beth~ I designed a comp for your consideration #82 that is clean, simple and professional. The center arch through the 'A' represents access with reach, and the leaves represent life, growth and vitality as well as healthy nutrition. Hope you like the concept. Best Regards, PaintedPony
  • About #78 and #80 Hi CH, Here is my design #78 and #80. Hope you like it Thanks wengcharl
  • I like the overall concept of this but do not like the wings behind the person. Could i please see it w/o wings or another design behind the person?
  • I prefer 116 over 115 but wish teh logo was less linear/pointed. Perhaps somthign with a softer feel.
  • Could i perhaps see this with lower case on the slogan?
  • About #121 - Some different color combinations to include navy, dark teal, lime green and orange. Logos are with and without the tagline for your review. Kind regards, PaintedPony