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Winning design #101 by InspireIT, Logo Design for PDF <-> JPG Conversion Software Logo Contest
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designed by InspireIT

Project description

We're open to a creative logo design for our latest software. The software simply takes multiple PDF files and convert them into JPG format, or multiple JPG files can be converted to PDF format. We'd like to keep the design elements simple, but clever and should be representative of the dual functionality of the program. Since this logo will be on the top left of the web page, the overall height will need to be minimized. I'd like to see some sort of motion in the design. We do not have a name chosen for the program, so we'd like to get your suggestions.

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  • I'm new on this site and trying to get used to the feel of things here. CH: Thanks for the feedback. It's always appreciated whether positive or negative. I use that feedback for further inspiration and move forward to create (hopefully) a better design for you. thanks...
  • The name and design 2 Vert doesn't appeal to me
  • What is image in the middle? Looks immediately like a train or car?
  • The color of logo are bit muted relative size is too small.
  • I like the idea of incorporating Adobe's colors for the PDF - this is important...
  • This looks immediately like "CP"...
  • I'm feeling #10 and #1. If you can somehow incorporate the idea of converting multiple/lots of files from one format to the other, that would be useful. I like #10's colors and simplicity.
  • #8 - 2vert is a take on the word convert and a twoway process.
  • **NOTE: Something might have gone wrong when exporting the file because the line "PDF/JPG Converter" looks very uneven with the title, yet when viewing it on the program it looks fine. Hope this doesnt look too bad. Have a good one!
  • Hi CH, I read your brief and you suggested the idea of a name. I came up with FlipShift Converter. I toyed with Flip and Shift by themselves but seemed to lack something so I combined them. The "S" shaped emblem was made to represent a fast, quick conversion between formats. The name has a slight slant upwards conveying movement and speed.
  • Nothing creative about this concept.
  • I would stick with JPG instead of the outdated JPEG term. Tough to recognize the J in #1.
  • I like this a lot - very different and clever! Please develop a revision. Thanks.
  • I like the color scheme - love to see a revision.
  • A bit too simple.
  • about #82 CH thanks for the info on my rejected entry. Feedback is always appreciated, good or not so good. I cannot submit more entries due to limits, so I'll sit back and watch how this contest evolves. thanks again...
  • about #86 I made the text less abstract, I changed the font. Have a look. and I also added a new design #87 Thanx for the suggestions... Roberth
  • Dear Contest Holder, Thanks for the feedback. I maked more options with the same concept. #84 - #85 Hope you like. Kanizawa.
  • Greetings Contest Holder, I have made a small revision over my previous entry ( #58 ) to make it more appealing and "straight to the point". Awaiting on feedback. Thankyou, Hoffa.
  • sorry, just a word here: Your website is pretty boring (and so are your utilities, really, no offense just saying)... but at least you appear to be a legitimate company. (this site contest design still looks fake as @#$# to me) Something went wrong with uploading my last design, #68, there are 2 files with the same number. I will resubmit it... What you really need is a kick ass name for the new utility, which may actually be useful to a wider spectrum of people. I like FILE SLAPPER, slap all your sloppy files into ONE. Maybe not the best, but you've got to get noticed... (Stanford? Really?) lol Good luck,