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Winning design #64 by Pasindudilshan, Logo Design for Peace4Tarpon TICI (Trauma Informed Community Initiative) A nationally recognized innovative Community Initiative Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Pasindudilshan

Project description

Our facebook page Peace4Tarpon TICI describes the project and there are some interviews etc. so that might be a good place to start to understand what we are all about. This logo will brand the initiative, and be used for all of our social marketing/etc. very important. Would like this to be geared so that all ages can respond to it, not only mental health professionals, educators, etc. but general population also, as it's a community initiative w/ many partners.

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  • ck your spelling..informated??
  • hard to read, like to color ok,
  • unclear to read, words within initials are hard to read, don't care for the font or proportions of the initials to one another, do like the ruby color with the glowing area
  • like the simplicity of it, and altho it's red white and blue, it's not patriotic looking which i like, would like to see other color options. script is clear easy to read.
  • would like an image, or graphic w/ this that relates to the initiative..brings a sense of healing, community etc.look at the poster and font in the facebook page and see if you can use something like must relate to the initiative tho..
  • colors mix too harsh, like the brightness tho.
  • llike the font, wording, don't like the peace sign in the "a" doesn't fit wouldn't mind seeing the peace sign in another way, however..
  • words hard to read, the a in tarpon. like the color fade. would like a reference to the community sense of the initiative..compassion, opening door to healing..i know that's alot to capture,but it's vital the logo has a sense of love about it.
  • if there is this much room being taken up, a graphic would look good rather than just words. colors ok..not conveying the feeling of the initiative..a sense of community
  • the 4 is too large, long line under doesn't work..
  • graphic is harsh, this initiative is welcoming,community oriented..all ages, yes.
  • graphic is harsh, this is a community initiative that is compassionate and welcoming.
  • The colors are just a proposal ("peaceful") but they can be changed to anything you want to! Also if you need an isotype let me know! Thanks!
  • #6 i put informated because i was copying the spelling of #3...I changed it to informed in #7
  • #13 includes the ruby color that you liked but overall the design is more text based giving the viewer a clearer idea of what your organization is all about. Hope this design is closer to what you are looking for. Thanks!
  • i'm sorry about my wrong spelling on #3, #12 is the revison, and other color option
  • Sorry for the typo on #8, fixed on #9 and #10 About logo - You can choose any color of choice and it can also be used for representing different groups, programs, etc. based on the color of each logo. Thx
  • Please:(void #20 typo) #21 Is the revised version. Thanks
  • CH. Good to hear, I'll make the adjustment for ya.
  • backgrounds not allowed unless requested by the contest holder