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Winning design #744 by nhila, Logo Design for Peak Power Wash Contest
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designed by nhila

Project description

Hey there! I am giving my company a new name to stand out. There were too many companies with a similar name to mine. In need of an original logo design for: website, signage, business cards, letterhead, etc. for my power washing company. 

It states above this dialog box I'm filling in.. "for best results.... explain.. exactly what I am looking for" I'm not sure and that's why I am here. I'd like simple, clean, easy to read and of course memorable. I DO NOT want it to be like other power washing companies.. no characters with pressure washing guns shooting water out of it. No mountain peaks either please. My current website ( color theme is a blue and white and I like the look. May keep it the same on the new site but that could change depending on what happens here. Looking forward to the entries! Thank you in advance and good luck everyone!

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  • That's actually clever.. take away the chimney.. make a little smaller and attractive somehow.. you'd have the "P".. a "peak" and what could be a powerwashing gun. Thanks #795
  • rate my design please #790
  • hi ch, here's my design simple and memorable.. #788
  • Just thought I might provide a different option to the roof image! #786
    • @MJay1990 And.. I appreciate you offering something different other than making a subtle change to an existing design and calling it your own.. but I do believe I found what I am looking for. Good luck in the future!

  • you are welcome to rate my new design, hope you will like it #787
  • rate my design please
  • I think I misread your previous comments. So I fixed the outline. How's this looking for you? #782
  • About #779, @mdprowash is there any sugests or critics?
    • @roTITAwar no.. I appreciate your efforts

  • Hi nhila.. Will you be able to provide me this in Vector PDF format? Color codes and font names? And pure black and white version? #744
  • I hope I fully understood what you meant. Is this more to what you were thinking of? #754
    • @MarioGrizzelle nope.. those are boxes. an outline is the outer perimeter of an object. like you would trace each letter in dark blue

  • Dear CH,
    Thank you! #563
  • Your feedback is important. Thanks, #763
  • peak powerwash logo.....

  • peak powerwash mockup......

  • peak power wash logo #759
  • peak power wash logo #758
  • PLEASE IN REVIEW SIR!!.. #757 #756

  • Is this what you mean by small outline around Peak? #752
    • @MarioGrizzelle No.. a thin blue outline around the each of the grey letters

    • @mdprowash just to be clear, do you want a thin blue line around the letters of power wash or blue line around the word peak in grey?

    • @MarioGrizzelle thin blue outline around each grey letter of PEAK

  • Is this more or less what you are aiming for? #751
    • @MarioGrizzelle Not sure... peak doesn't seem to stand out enough. Need to either reverse the color between power wash and peak or thin outline around peak.. let me see both

  • How's this looking for you? #750
    • @MarioGrizzelle peak or power wash needs to be blue.. not sure which