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designed by sukarni

Project description

Our Company

Pebblebrooke Homes is a home designing and building company that specializes in designing and building custom residential homes.  The biggest difference between Pebblebrooke Homes and the competition in the area is that we walk our clients through every step of the construction process while still delivering a finished home faster and better priced than other builders.  While other builders in the area tend to give clients a list of cookie-cutter homes they can choose from, at Pebblebrooke, we sit with our clients, prepare a budget that works for them, have them meet with an architect to discuss everything they'd like out of their future home, and build the home in a way that matches their budget.  Pebblebrooke Homes has built homes for families with a budget ranging from $300,000 to well over a million dollars, and they all felt like they got more than they paid for.  I say this to show that we are not solely a budget or upper-class home building company.  We build home for families of all different budget sizes that leave them with a home they are proud to live in.

That is a basic rundown of our company.  So to sum up, the main highlights of our company are the following:

  • Custom home designing and building company
  • Clients are fully involved in the construction of their home and never left out of decisions
  • Our homes give significantly more "bang for your buck" than other builders in the area
  • We can build homes for families with almost any budget and leave them with a fantastic home

This is the general image that we want our company to have.  We're custom home builders that can work with any budget and build a much higher quality home than other builders can.  I should also note that this is a small company.  We are not like some other builders with 50 employees and well over 100 homes built in a year.  We generally build 20 homes a year and only have a few employees.  The clients will be in constant contact with the owner of the company as he works with them every step of the way, so they get a much more personal experience building with us instead of the much more businesses-like and corporate feel they'll get from much larger builders.

The Logo

Attached to this is essentially the "logo" we have been using since the start of this company about ten years ago.  I put logo in quotes because as you can see, it isn't much more than our company name in a fancy looking Microsoft Word font.  When the owner came up with the name for the company, he had the idea of a small creek or river in mind.  If you come up with a nice logo that involves something like that, it could be something we'd really like.  I was hesitant on saying this because I am worried that now I'll only get designs that have a creek in them.  Please don't take this as gospel, it's merely a suggestion.  Please be creative with it.

Our company has been growing more and more lately, and we are about to really start a new chapter in the coming months.  With that, we'd like to take this opportunity get real company logo improve how professional we look as a company.  This is something that will be placed on business cards, car wraps, shirts, signs, websites, and more. I've also added the colors that we have been using for the past many years.  If you feel as though those are great colors, then use them.  If you have an idea that uses something different, go for it.  The only color that we really are set on staying in the logo is the hunter green.  Don't get set on the exact HTML color code I've given, feel free to be change the exact color that I've given.  Honestly if you think you have a really good idea that doesn't use green, submit it.  We may absolutely love it.  We aren't too picky with what we want.   As for the other colors, if you have a design that looks great and doesn't use maroon, that's wonderful and we'd love to see it.  Another thing I'd like to make clear is that we are not a construction company.  None of our employees will put on hardhats, get in a dump truck, or pour a foundation, and that's not the image we want to portray.  We hire subcontractors to do those things.  Pebblebrooke Homes is essentially the supervisor to the project.  We design the home with the client and then supervise the construction by contracting out different jobs, like concrete, framing, painting, etc., to other companies.  I say this to make sure we don't get any logos with bulldozers or hard hats on it.

Thank you all for your time, and we look forward to seeing your logo proposals!

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  • About #227, @Johnydli We like this, but not a fan of the colors. Could you darken up the green? It's too neon for us. And for the blue maybe go with a black or dark grey? Thanks
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  • About #129, @basso82 Could you show us this in a green color? Just like the green in your other submissions. Thanks!
  • About #272, @WBDesigns Hey, thanks! The "H" in the signature looks a little bit off for us. I'm no graphic designer, but do I made a little modification and I was wondering if you could do something like this to the "H": See how it keeps going past part where the line bends? That makes it a little more obvious that it's an "H". Also, on the line that crosses the "H" and sticks out to the right, could you angle it upwards a little? Right now it's at about -20 degrees, but if you could just bring it up to maybe -10 or so. I don't know if that's the best explaniation. If that isn't clear, let me know and I'll try to describe it better. Lastly, we'd also like it if you made the left part (the "P", "H", and the roof) a bit larger. Thanks!
  • About #248, @WBDesigns Hey there, thanks for you this. I know this is last minute and different than what we were asking, but the thing that we would like to be the main part of our logo is the word "Pebblebrooke," not "Homes." Do you think you could find a way to change it so that happens? We would really love that. As I said, I know it's a lot to ask, but that'd be great to see. Thank you.
  • About #74, @WBDesigns Can you a bit more of a deeper and darker green? Also I'd like to see what it looks like with the "Pebblebrooke Homes" on the side. Thanks!