Peintres de Lumieres, Painters of Lights

I've heard about designcontest by a friend and I was very surprised to receive so many and so good projects. So in one week, I've received more than 50 logos... then the most difficult was to choose between all those excellent designs. I surely will use design contest again for my website.


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Winning design #37 by Fabio Piscicelli, Logo Design for Peintres de Lumieres, Painters of Lights Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Fabio Piscicelli

Project description

Depending if my clients speak french or english the logo will be "turned/readable" in one sense or the opposite at the first sight. On it I need : - Logo should be an emblem or pictoral mark (here is a "base" I use this kink of lamp. It's lay on a tripod on the floor. Brand used : Mole Richardson and Dedolight (so the their website you will have a best idea) - the name : Peintres de Lumières, Painters of Lights (why this name ? because the first expression to describe the photographer job was painter of lights because the first photographers had to be painter artists first and they painted whith the "sunlights" or cinema lights) - Swiss flag with the mention "Swiss Quality" (very important) Our company works in : photo studio school of photography video production (music and corporate) Our style of photography : - main style is photograph with special lights. Old Hollywood cinema lights black and white stylish - In the same time photographs in colours totally in fashion for products (catalog), people, advertising.... have a look on our website (luxury photographs). The website will be changed a soon I get the new logo. Message to be delivered with this logo : - luxury - strengh of the compagny - Versatility and adaptability

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  • Hi, In Switzerland this kind of logo are for ... cheese only ! :-) Maybe with a square it could be ok.
  • Hi, thanks for this logo. But, the red is not the real red swiss flag and why do you have forgot the english version ? (Peintres de Lumières, Painters of Lights).
  • Hello, I like this logo but I use different lights as a traditionnal photographer have a look in this link§ion=0 it seems lights as stage lights for a concert. Is it clear ? thanks
    • Certainly. I'll add them into an updated design. Thank you so much for your feedback

    • You have done a great work and til now you have totally understood what I wanted and my needs. Anyway the second one with the "film clipping" could be my favourite. So you are in a good way ! Best Nathalie

  • Hi Sara, could you try to put the swiss flag and swiss quality on the same line for example all in the grey square or propose me something like that. thanks. Nathalie
    • Hello dear Nathalie, Im in level 1 & new to this website :) Now I reached to my limit upload for this contest. I design the new version of #16, but I don't know how can I send it for u. That would be kind of you if you can give me any advice :) Thank you :)

  • Hello. Much better but the flag is to big and it seems to be a doctor case so would it be possible to place it close to "swiss quality" and why not between swiss and quality. thanks. Nathalie
  • good but I prefer the previous one.
    • Thanks for the prompt feedback. I wanted to show you a variation with all text in one line :)

  • I have rearranged the text on #26 and made a variation. Please check #31 and see if you like it.
  • much better. thanks
  • Hi, could you please erase the wheel, enlarge the "black film" and try with another font. This one is to straight. thanks.
    • Sure, please check #30. Colors and fonts can be changed as per your liking.

  • Hi much better but please erase the wheel inside the cross. thanks
  • Much better, thanks
    • Thank you. Please feel free to ask for any changes. I have also created another design #27 for your consideration.

  • hello, excellent job. Could you add more lights on the top a third or a fourth and add photo studio, video clip and school of photography. thanks.
    • Hello, thank you. I am glad you like it. Yes, I will add these and upload again. Regards, EcoDesigns

  • Hi, could you please erase the paint brush and correct the word lights (you wrote lihgts). On the black version we don't see the red flag well. thanks.
  • Great job !
  • Hello. It's good. Would it be possible to put the "swiss quality" on the bottom and in first Peintres de Lumières ? Thanks, Nathalie
    • Hello Nathalie, please take a look at #22?. As you can see is a design simple that can be applied in a lot of formats .(#23) THANKS FOR YOUR FEEDBACK [ JOBZ ]

  • and maybe with a third light. thank.
  • Hello. It's really better. Could you pleage enlarge the square, choose another colour intead this strong yellow (try with a grey or a soft yellow) and try with another font because event if it's pretty depending in which country I will work the "P" or the "Q" won't be readable. thanks. Nathalie
  • Dear CH, please take a look at my design #20 Any feedback would be helpful. If you want any change in color, shape or font please let me know. KIND REGARDS [ JOBZ ]
  • Hi, this logo is almost the same to one which already exists. sorry.
  • and for sure change the lights as you have done on the other