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Winning design #18 by ariaya, Logo Design for Pelican way of LIFE Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ariaya

Project description

We need a logo for a new project called the “Pelican way of LIFE”.

This new, five-year project has just kicked off and aims at improving the habitat for the Dalmatian pelican along the Black-Sea Meditterean Flyway. There are seven project partners involved from different European countries. 

During the project we will develop several communication products, print (panels, brochures, T-shirts) and digital (website, social media, screens). The logo should be usable on all of them.

Target audience vary from broader public, local communities, school children to local stakeholders like fisherman, policymakers and visitors of the area.  

Key points of the logo:

-        Minimal, simple and modern

-        Needs to stand out  - not only green & blue (like most nature conservation logos)

-        Be optimistic and hopeful 

-        Preferably 2 colors, max 3. Colors inspired by the Dalmatian pelican. Some first directions in the color palette (but these are not definite, we are open for better suggestions)

-        Displaying the project title “Pelican way of LIFE” 

-        Visualizing the Dalamatian pelican, maybe even the flyway

-        Works well in landscape, portrait and avatar formats

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  • Dear Ariaya, thank you for your design. We like it a lot! We have a request though. The main characteristic of the Dalmatian pelican is that it has some funny crazy feathers on the head. Can you make the feathers on the head and neck stronger, bigger? A Dalmatian Pelican without having a bad hair day is not a Dalmatian Pelican :) #18
    • @laurien_holtjer OK I will make the changes you want.

    • @laurien_holtjer Your contest is in the winner's selection round where should I send it?

  • It doesn't look like a pelican at all, sorry #487
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