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Winning design #145 by like an angel, Logo Design for Peopleshaker Contest
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designed by like an angel

Project description

Notes: 16.07.2014 A lot of you did develop a nice character, dynamic, fun and original as I asked you and I'm very happy about that and thankful about the work you've done. Now, try to think a bit further. The dimension of leisure activities and discovery is still missing for most of you. Don't overload the logo, the design has to be still pleasant and artistic. The impression we¹ll get while looking at your logo is very important. To encourage you I augmented the prize for the winner. ___________________________________________________________________________________ 15.07.2014 Please do not work only on the font as many of you did, work on an icon, a character with the text. You can integrate the icon in the text, above, underneath or beside the text, as you wish. There are many possibilities to create an original logo. Think of an animated character, that is dynamic and fun. Think of the idea you want to give, the respect of the concept etc. Here are some examples of nice creative logos: ___________________________________________________________________________________ We are looking for an original, fun (and crazy) logo design for a new Internet platform called “Peopleshaker” (you can write “Peopleshaker” or “PeopleShaker” or even write “People” and “Shaker” on two levels). Feel free to follow your imagination! We want something easy to understand but we want a logo that is very well created, and that illustrates our concept and that is linked with the ideas of leisure activities and other values as you can read below. Please read carefully, and if you have any question, don't hesitate to contact us. Activities of the platform Peopleshaker is a social Internet platform that helps people discover and share leisure experiences together (sporting, cultural, gastronomic etc.). It enhances the dynamism in society, brings people together in real life and encourages sharing across different cultures and interests. Users, whether they are professional or amateurs can post an activity, an event or a hobby on our website (at any date, with or without any price). Then people who wish to try new activities subscribe to these activities and join the organizer to participate with him and other participants. Logo values The logo should be fun, original eye-catching and easy understandable. It should reflect the notions of dynamism, fun, originality, sharing leisure activities and passions, meeting between people (spirit of community), simplicity and authenticity. Colours The final logo should fit in the overall design of our current website. For more details and to see the colours of our website (anthracite and green) that could fit the logo, please look at the print screen below. Please feel free to use any colours. Design of the logo Think of a shape, pictorial element or image that we can easily click on, as the logo of Peopleshaker will be used as the home button of our website, it doesn't have to be a circular form and size like in the example in the printscreen, once again feel free to imagine whatever you want... We want a creative and original logo, draw yourself on computer, imagine something new and fun to illustrate our concept. If you have any doubt, please contact us.

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