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Winning design #49 by Dayadrana, Logo Design for Perfect 10   Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Dayadrana

Project description

**UPDATE: I've uploaded photos of examples of Designs and Logos that I'm looking for**

I've finally saved enough to make my dream come true. To start a fashionable, stylish clothing line that focuses on positivity, wit, luxury and self-empowerment.

Elements I want it to include:
At least one Palm Tree (Can be more, but will leave it to your discretion, but must be in a style similar to the trees below)

Messages I want the logo to convey when looking at it:
Luxury, Trendsetting, Wit and Positive Energy, geometric shapes

Target Audience
Trendsetters, Fashionistas, Surfers, 20s-mid/late 30s

In addition to positive messages and fashion, my brand focuses on word play and double meanings. It would be great to see that creativity and with translate to the logo as well.

Black/should be monochromatic

Bottom Line:

In the end, it needs involve a palm tree (one or more) and be able to be translate as something cool (have lines, geometric shapes etc), clean, sharp and incorporate some creative element. Something that people could be a stand alone image on a shirt or something.

Logos I like (to give you an idea):
See photos below 

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  • I have a big Idea but I dont had the time to finish it :(
    (I have seen your contest 30 minutes before the end...) #145
  • Hi monteiro_couture! I made a new design, hope you like it. Sincerely Christina. Thank you.
  • About #78, @monteiro_couture
    the arrows detail are the same, only size is different
  • Like This One !
    Like This One !
    Like This One !
    Like This One !
    Like This One !
    Like This One !
    Like This One !
    Like This One ! #125
  • GREAT #124
  • GREAT #123
  • hope you like my design with a strong font that give a positive energy. Feel free to give me any feedback, that would be very appreciated.
    Thank you. #121
  • GREAT #118
  • GREAT #117
  • GREAT #116
  • Thank you for your rating! #110
  • Thank you for your rating! #109
  • jww
    Hi, Thank you for looking through my designs, any feedback or changes, please do get in touch, Many thanks JWW #101
  • Hello @monteiro_couture:

    How about this new design with the style that you are looking for and keeping the same concept of the X (TEN ROMAN) that i give you since the beginning.

    Please let me know what you think about it.


    [ JOBZ ] #44

    PS: as you can see I try to reflect the "PERFECT" part in the grid generated by the shapes and perfectly assembled with all the elements
    • Hello @monteiro_couture, no feedback?

    • @Jobzz Hi! Sorry! I think this design is a little too busy for what I'm looking for. And the whole circle in a triangle thing makes me think of another symbol though I'm not sure from where... harry potter maybe? The tree isn't exactly what I'm looking for either. The palm fronds look unnatural (like, i'm not sure how the wind is blowing the leaves... is it down? but from both directions?) the cross in the 0 also reminds me of a no ___ sign. like a no smoking sign or something.

  • Hello! I've done a few designs, I hope you enjoy it, if you need any changes let me know please. Sincerely Christina. Thank you.
  • Thank you for your rating! #57
  • Thank you for your rating! #56
  • Also, would it be possible to make the arrows double lined at all (to give it some width)? That might give it a better look. Like still have the width be very narrow, but I think that'd make them look more like arrows and less like an X #41
  • I like the arrows, but the rest of it feels a little clipart to me (with reference to the banner and the 10) #42
  • #3 where I think the dots should go. they should be roughly the same size but not exactly copies of each other if possible #41