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Winning design #196 by shiny, Logo Design for Performance Health Contest
Gold Medal

designed by shiny

Project description

Performance Health (PH) is a modern health care clinic focusing on pain reduction, functional movement, nutrition, rehabilitation exercises and athletic performance. PH employs health care professionals such as: chiropractors, massage therapists and nutritionists. We are looking for a logo with "impact" that displays professionalism and "motion" Main colour: Blue (or multiple shades of blue) Secondary colour: Red (but we are open to not including red) Accent colours: Black and Silver/Grey (you do not necessarily have to use) The entire business name should appear in the logo (Performance Health), we are interested in doing something creative with the initials "PH" (can be in cap locks PH, lower case ph, or mixed pH...etc)

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  • Hi contest holder, thanks for the wonderful opportunity. Here, I present my first, or entirely first design, for you- #1. How is it, i would like to know your designing taste. Feel free to write feedback and provide ratings. thanks.
    • Hi Irish media, Thank you for the design. For italics fonts we would like them to move to the right rather than the left like you have them in your current design (to show forward motion). Your ph logo is certainly interesting. We may be looking for a darker colored grey. Keep up the good work!

    • yeah, forward motion, i realize now, thanks. i will certainly do all my best to create something special and will try other concepts. please provide rating later so that i can upload more entries. thanks.

    • I like the "bolder" colours in your first design as oppose to the stripped colours in your second.

    • ok, thanks. I will provide you more options later.

    • Your 3rd entry is your best yet! We like the plus sign (+) in the P. We like how the 'PH' is encircled. We don't like the little tail on the 'P'. Keep up the good work

  • Hi junseiyu, I like the metallic look of the middle and bottom designs in #53. Can you try for that metallic look in the top red/black design too?
    • and maybe one with blue too? Thanks!

  • Hi musaver786, the logo in #47 is really cool, I like the circle surrounding the ph. Can you try some more designs or colour schemes with that look?
  • Nice design, however could you remove the leaf and capitalize the PH? Also can we see some different colour schemes?
    • Hi CH, I submitted #51 and #53 with different font and color schemes for your reference. Please let me know if you need more changes or improvements. Thanks.

  • Can we see this one with our colour scheme? Design looks great
    • Thanks for ratings. Please check my recent entries with the feel of baseball logo like you requested

  • For those designers trying to come up with something creative to do with the initials 'ph' perhaps try something like you would do for a baseball team logo. Look up San Diego padres or San Francisco giants for an idea of what I'm talking about.
  • Nice idea with the cyclone creating motion but not what we're looking for
    • Ok,sorry for my "cyclone".Maybe I will come back with a design on your taste.Regards!

  • Also, could you guys try some that incorporate a human silhouette? Nothing too large but one that looks in motion and/or athletic? And for the colors, could you try some designs that have deeper colours vs. brigt? (I.e. navy blues, deeper reds, etc.) Thanks everyone and keep up the great work!
  • A lot of good new designs! I'd like to see more designs without the '+' sign. Thanks
  • Hi dansheva, I like your entries, particularly #15, #12, #8, #10. I wonder, could you substitute the green with red, or black or grey?
    • Hi dtapak, i has been submit my new color combinations as request for your review thanks

  • I like your use of different shades of Blue. Not interested in the strip across the PH symbol though. Thank you for your work!
  • Hello, For my first entry #14 ... I went with the color ideas in your brief, two shades of blue, a touch of grey/silver and white text on dark backgrounds. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and I will make any changes you request! ~ Marvel
  • hi, how about the #4 the one? I hope this one will be good for you because of its cleanness and attractiveness comparing to the previous entries. thanks.
    • My comment above about entry #3 applies to #4 as well. As you mentioned, however, it is much 'cleaner' and 'brighter.' Thank you.

    • thanks, already too late here, will continue tomorrow.

  • About #130 new concept on graphic with little tweaking from latest design. can you see the difference? i hope you like thanks
    • new concept again in design #145 i hope you like thanks

    • Hi dtapak maybe you have suggestion for my latest design? thanks again

  • Thank you for your entries, not what we are looking for. Thank you!
  • hi ch please see #127 #128 #129 i hope you like it ...thanks
  • We've decided not to go with the '+' signs.. thank you!
  • About #122 optional design with diffrenet font maybe you like thanks
    • I like it, can you try that same font a little 'bolder'?

    • lets see design #123 i hope you like thanks

  • I like the italic font use, but not the logo. Thank you for the design.
  • Not quite what we are looking for. Thank you for your submission!