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Winning design #194 by illumina, Logo Design for Perryton Contest
Gold Medal

designed by illumina

Project description

I would like a logo with the name "Perryton" in the design. The logo will look like a Historical sign used in a late 1800s newspaper advertisement with a uniquely designed custom font, not a download. The logo should have the ability to blend with different sub-titles for example "properties", "foods", "farms", "industries", or "financial".

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  • Hi sir, I'm interested in your contest, could you provide some examples that you like in order to get you the best product possible. Thx
  • Protege Bronze as well as Sherman Williams Resort Tan and Red Barn are color selections that may be incorporated into the design.
  • Dear CH: Perryton, My first submission #35 reflects your need for a vintage style logo with an old world feel. A partially handmade typeface using the colors you suggested. More to come. I hope you like it.
  • Hi CH, I've just submitted my freehand font #32 #55 #56 and #103 Please give me a feedback to understand if I'm walking in the right direction, Thank you
  • About #31 Hi CH This is not a computerized font but a freehand calligraphy. Please comment for further improvement. Regards
  • Really looking for a logo in a sign format with the lettering inside of it with an 1800's vintage sign look.
  • Only a font is not enough so your submission is the only one so far with the correct sign/badge approach. The fonts you have used in the submission are more polished than needed - a calligraphy approach representative of the late 1800s advertising is more desirable with a mix of curves and lines versus rounded font. The "foods" subtitle would be brought outside of the main logo as a tag so that multiple logos are not needed.
  • Well I submit a design, I thought that we must do the all sign etc, apparently only a font is enought ? Plz give me a feed back. Fonts can be changed, for the "foods" it can be changed with the others that you suggest easily, and that one is a download font. I tried to respect the colors yoy wanted. Looking forward for your feedback.
  • Dear CH, i have uploaded my first design : #61 #62 #63 #64 #65 . Hope you like it, any change.. color, font, etc, just request. Thank You, Catarina
  • Any example available of "a Historical sign used in a late 1800s newspaper advertisement." Any feedback on #41 is welcome. Cheers.
  • Any feedback for items #42 , #43 , #44 , #45 would be most welcome Thank you
  • also check design #86,#87,#88,#89,thank you very much
  • please check my designs #82,#83,#84,#85....thank you.
  • About #73 #71 #70 #69 #68 Waiting for your feedback. Thank You, Best Regards, Catarina
  • Please remove crown and foods. I like connectivity of word. Enlarge "P" and place script within a "badge" of color versus a square.
  • Did not like font
  • Please remove foods in emblem and enlarge Perryton word - like script and colors
  • Like script, please remove food and have Perryton fill entire oval. Please work Protege Bronze, Red Barn, and Resort Tan into colors.
  • Plz give me a feedback on #109 if you want any change just tell me Thx
  • I like script but should be placed in colored emblem/vintage sign