Personal & Business Coach needs logo illustrating positive transformation & enriched relationships


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Winning design #203 by Hnogueira, Logo Design for Personal & Business Coach needs logo illustrating positive transformation & enriched relationships Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Hnogueira

Project description

I would like the logo to Illustrate the positive transformation possible for men and women in their personal and/or business relationships.
Here are the words that describe what I do:
Relationships, Transformation, Insights, Grow, Expand, Develop, Transformation from the Heart, Progress, Possibilities, Discovery, Clarity, Enrich, Get to the CORE, COMMUNICATION expert, Safe Place to be Open, Fulfillment, Mentor, Evolve, Triumph, Accomplish Outcomes, Strategies, Team, Accountability.

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  • A little left brained thinking :) Shows both individual and professional needs, "World is upside down" kinda mentality.... Appreciate any feedback.
  • I like the feel and look of this one. I wonder what something else in the middle would look like? I like the font.
  • Definitely needs something more...
  • I knew if I kept at it I would get to one I liked, lol...dont know if its right for you but I enjoyed designing it
  • Question - the bottom of this seems a bit "Block-ish" - bold. Can you soften that a bit?
  • Its against the rules to show multiple designs/variations in same entry. please resubmit only one design and read the rules. thank you
  • I like the simplicity of this one. I am definitely not ruling it out. Thank you for submitting your design. :)
  • Thank you for explaining your entry. I like the colors and I like how you put my name above the line and Personal and Business Coach below the line.
  • I like how you slipped a heart in on the Design Contest logo. Can you do something like that with one of mine?
  • thank you for your comments and your ratings,I uploaded a new design and i will spend time over the next few days designing some others, I'm not going to lie, I'm really not that happy with the one I just uploaded, I dk it needs something and I will work on figuring that out but I uploaded it to let you see and at least to get a hint as to whether or not I should work on bringing the idea to perfection or just scratch it and figure out something new...i look forward to your feedback and again thank you very much for the comment.
  • I appreciate you being the first one in and thank you. I like the colors - I am just not connecting to the symbol. Maybe you can submit something else?
  • I realize I didn't give much direction as far as color and design. Thank you for submitting SOMETHING! What I am sure of is... I want more color and something a bit "softer". I hope this is helpful. Thank you again. Maybe you will re-submit something?
  • About #8 Hello. heres a little explanation of the logo, the symbol is a blooming flower, which can be associated with transformation, grow, expand, enrich. It also can be viewed as a sun (less obvious). The words that can be applied are: fulfillment, discovery, clarity, achievement, enlightenment. I tried to follow your "word cloud" directions.
  • About #6 This entry was submited with the wrong color settings. The right entry is #7. Thank you.
  • Dear CH, Please provide more information. Do you want words, names or letters to accompany the logo?
  • dont really know what you are looking for or if theres a company name you would like added to the logo but heres my attempt
  • so what kind of logo were you looking for? (Ex. a symbol with no words, just words, or both) What do want in it? Any specific colors?
  • Sorry its about #77
  • About #13 here is the icon with a Business coach and a personal Coach, Thanks
  • Hmm I did already, am I getting you wrong on something? :)