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Winning design #146 by mateusbarbosa2, Logo Design for Personal Firearm Defense Company Seeks Edgy New Logo Contest
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designed by mateusbarbosa2

Project description

We are here to see where your creativity can take us. The majority of our customers are going to be young males in there 20’s and 30’s. They will obviously like guns so be sure to keep that in mind when designing a logo. Light airy or whimsical will not work for us. We are hoping to get a logo that is professional enough to headline all our business cards ect, yet stylish enough to sell t-shirts, hats and bumper stickers. We would love to have some type of symbol that is synonymous with what we do and yet “cool” enough that a 22 year old who arrived to class on his motorcycle might want it tattooed on his forearm or at least be willing to wear one of our t-shirts. Right to Bear should be emphasized with Concealed Carry Training used as a tag line. Colors are up in the air, but should include black. To get an idea of our original concept visit our prototype web site I will try to offer as much feedback as possible. Please feel free to ask any questions if you need more direction. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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  • Hello! Check # 17, please!Thanks!
  • A red-white-blue alternative to #19, with the letters in italics. Of course you wouldn't wanted handgun sights slanted like this, but I took some little artistic license to make it work with the slanted letters. I don't think it would make for a good tattoo, but it would be a cool bumper sticker.
  • I'll get another version up with the Constitution font, but the block letters work better with this concept of handgun sights, I think. Thanks
  • heres another variation with a target
  • And here's another one...
  • I CREATE NEW ONE I HOPE YOU LIKE IT & Thank you very much for all the guidance
  • #12 and #11 could be two possible variations using an auto loader gun...still working on more possibilities, though.
  • something like this?
  • I like your layout in #7 better.
  • The feel is there. Can you work in something other than the crosshairs? Possibly a silhouette target??????? Also can the gun and bullet be made more 3-D.
  • About #7 and #8 hope you like this designs any feedback or suggestions are always welcome
  • thank you sir, i am constantly working on it. Now that i got a direction, i will be able to improve on the same.
  • Try searching the net for the Walther PPQ. Fitting this logo into those lines might seperate this from our competitor.
  • Great clean design however I do not see us going in the direction of a crest style logo.
  • #4 I like the incorporation of the bullet in the logo but the overall feel is not what we are looking for. Your direction in #5 is spot-on.
  • #2 The customization of your gun logo is excellent and maybe the type of thing that wins this contest. This gun however, does looks very similar to that of a competitor and thus would have to be taken in a completely different direction.
  • #6 The bullet through the logo is a great idea can you it be made more dramatic? Maybe bigger exit? Also can you shape it more like a like a handgun round and less circular?
  • #5 Love this style. We would like to see any variations on this design that you can think of. I love the look of the cylinder. Can you think of anything from an autoloader that would be similar? This is certainly the direction we were looking for!
  • Dear Contest Holder, Design #6 is a very sleek and modern design. I used a simple and masculine font, as well as the colors you requested. The main text has been shot through by the bullet at the right hand side, I wanted to give your logo a dynamic and unique look. This design can easily be converted to black text in case you want to print on a white background. Please feel free to request any changes! Sincerely, Claunch Design Studio
  • Like the font it is a great start. I knew I would get crosshairs as they look great, but it is very unlikely they would be used on a defensive handgun. Incorporating handgun sights would be more applicable to what we do. This design is very clean and simple which is good. I am hoping for a few that are like this and a few that are very dynamic and custom. Red and black are great colors feel free to incorporate more or exclude them if you have a great idea.