Perth Criminal Law Chambers

another very easy esperience! thank you...

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Winning design #46 by ddamian_dd, Logo Design for Perth Criminal Law Chambers Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ddamian_dd

Project description

Logo for the firm PERTH CRIMINAL LAW CHAMBERS in Perth Western Australia.

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  • Hi would appreciate feedback for design #11 Kind Regards Sc06tty
  • Hi create1. any feedback for us, poor designers waiting for a sign? :)))
  • Hello CH I hope you like #10. Would appreciate some feedback. :) Regards Drifter2410
  • CH, Would appreciate feedback on entry #2. Right concept, color, font, etc. Thanks, dlbonanno64
  • Hello CH, Are there any specific colors or symbols that you would like to be implemented into the design? Thank You
  • Hi CH. Just to tell you that I've submitted 2 logos and you eliminated both of them :) Maybe you could add some lines to your brief? :)) Waiting 4 them not to lose the way again :)) Regards
    • Hi we are not here to comment on all the designs and why we do and do not pick them, if you are upset that your entries get eliminated then don't enter the competitions... The brief maybe minimal but we go of what has been given to us....

    • Hi. If i were upset, i would not have used emoticons... and -yes- maybe i wouldn't enter the competition... thank you for your advice, anyway... good luck

    • Hi Dear CH! your arrogance just doesn't makes sense. We just want to know wich is the right way. If you want better results, than it would be great if you would give us sometimes feedback. Finally it's all your interest. But good luck!It's a waste of time for all of us.

    • straight to the point, wizzardofoz84 :) i feel good to see an "ally" :)) Actually I did not understand the reason of CH's answer. I tried to be polite in my questions and you seem to agree with me ;) By the way, Good design to all of you! :))