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Winning design #90 by wengcharl2011, Logo Design for Petcare company needs new corporate logo Contest
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designed by wengcharl2011

Project description

We are looking a Logo for Petmond as it would be an independent company from Nutrimal. In this corporate logo we want to communicate our believes in a simple and very clean way. We would love designers use no more than 3 different colours. The logo must be serious but also close to people and pets

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  • Thanks for your feedback. Here is a revision changing the O into a very simple cat, and also see #26 integrating the dog with the letter P as per your suggestion. Kind regards, Liz
  • I wonder how it would look if you work with the dog and the P as if the P would simulate the Dog. Case its good
  • Case and bold its ok, the paw pad is a little bigger than it could be, may be you could work more with the paw pad.
  • Color and case is ok, I wonder how it would look without the paw pad and the dog, or may be separated as you did in other designs you sent
  • I wonder how it would look if you use the P with Upper Case, and with a little more volume (bold)may be the color brown would help
  • We like the vertical line and the pawpad separated
  • We don´t like the heart detail, also the typography is not that clear
  • Te idea is right but in my opinion the logo is agressive
  • lokks like Purina logo with the square details
  • Not the right name
  • We like the paw pads detail but colors need to be more serious, also the heart detail make it a little informal for a Corporate logo
  • Not the right name
  • The paw pad detail is good but I think it has too many colors and we didn´t like the heart detail
  • HI to CH, I hope you dont think I am being rude, but the fact that the only logo with a score, is using the wrong name may be confusing people a little. Not sure what you think? :)
  • Dear CH, please ignore and delete this, I had something in my head that wasn't right :)
  • I am sorry but we had a terrible mistake at the Brand Name, I submitted an old brief but the brand name is Petmond, not Nutrimal. Could you make the adjustments? Best
  • I am so sorry, but the brand name of the company is Petmond, not Nutrimal. Please work at Petmond name, all else (values and goals have no changes)
  • About#72 Thanks for your feedback, here is the revision without the claws at the paw pad. I hope you love it, let me know if any change or revision. Thanks,
  • Well, if the food mostly focused on dogs, I can't place there cat paws, like they do here ;) Have one caring logo with hands and stuff, but it's taken already ;)
  • Excelent concept, it communicates pets caring. I think you are on the way!!. I wonder how it would look if you use Upper case with the P and use a frame arround the logo?