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Got some great designs from some very talented people. My biggest problem was that I got so many submissions that it made it tough to choose a winner!

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Winning design #105 by Tanzy92, Logo Design for Petis Law, LLC Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Tanzy92

Project description

Designers! Thank you all so much for your entries thus far. I appreciate the creativity. I welcome other submissions/designs which do not have mountains. Aspen trees/leaves for example. Or pine trees. Or something else alpine-related. Whatever the design, if you're going the blue route, please keep it more blue, and less purple. Please DO NOT be afraid to play with colors. Someone used a bit of orange in their design. That was good. If you go with aspen trees (or some other tree), don't be afraid to use a bright green, or gold to highlight the stuff. DO NOT be afraid to be bold! I encourage and welcome your creativity. If I could do your job and/or had your creativity, I wouldn't be in this contest right now. I appreciate your submissions, and ask that you keep them coming! Many thanks! I am looking for a logo for my law firm, Petis Law LLC. My Firm is located in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Mountains are okay (but not necessary); marijuana plants are an absolute "no". Please, no cliché legal symbols (e.g., no gavels, no scales, no lady justice, etc.) It is the mission of Petis Law to exceed our clients’ legal and customer service expectations in the areas of personal injury, real estate and business, and civil litigation/litigation prevention, while always being guided by the principle to leave the community in a better place than we found it. In pursuit of this mission, Petis Law will hold to these values: Quality: Our standards for excellence and professional integrity will make Petis Law the most sought-after provider of legal services in the region, both in and out of the courtroom. Client-Centricity: We understand that each client comes to us with specific circumstances, unique legal issues, and diverse personal concerns. We will at all times strive to exceed our clients’ expectations, give them the personalized attention they deserve, and provide them with affordable legal services. Community: Petis Law promotes community improvement and development internally through volunteerism, using environmentally-sustainable practices, and encouraging family time out of the office. We will always be guided by the principle that the cases we accept should contribute to the economic vitality and personal safety of the members of our region. Petis Law is committed to holding to the above values because to me, it’s personal.

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  • Thank you very much for your submission! I very much like the idea of this one, but there's something a bit "off" about it. I wish I could describe what it is. One thing is that the blue seems more purple than blue. I like the blue one over the black ones. Maybe try removing the bottom-half of the circle?
    • Thank you for the feedback.. here's my revision based on your suggestions. see #22. Good luck

  • Hi CH can you tell me your opinion and any suggestions about my entry #19 ? thank yoy
  • Thank you for adjusting the colors!
    • Thanks for the rating. Please let me know if there is anything else you'd like to see different.

  • I like this one even more. It's a nicer blue, and the mountains are contrasted even more
    • Thank you for rating and feedback i'm glad that you like it Best Regards

  • Thank you for your submission, but please see the comments towards the beginning. I do not think that the letters go very well together. Please review the other comments.
  • Thank you for the submission. I think that this design is too similar to a local competitor, McDivitt Law.
  • Hi again! Is the color in #16 the right color? I actually took the color straight from nikedesign's post, but since there is a gradient in his, there are many shades of blue. Are you looking for the darker or lighter side?
  • Thank you very much for the mock-ups. Very helpful
  • Thank you for making the edit. Can you go even bluer? (see color by nikedesign, below). Thanks!
  • Thank you very much for these proofs. It's very helpful to see how the design would be used!
  • Hi, I changed the color as you requested. I also made an inverted version as well as some mockups. Please let me know what you think of #13 and #14 and if there are any other changes you would like to have made. Thank you!
  • Hello again CH, i belive that logo will work well on small object like lighter or usb flash disk , just for pen will be better to use it without line on bottom. Best Regards
  • I think this is an interesting take. Could you try adjusting the color so it's not so purple? I also envision my website colors being blue and white. (see nikedesign's colors). Thanks!
    • Sure! I'll start working on it right now and post a revision soon. Thank you for the feedback!

  • Hi, I just posted design number 9. Please let me know what you think and if there are any specific changes you would like made. Thank you!
  • I think this entry looks great. Love the colors, and the mountains in the back are pretty gorgeous (is that actually Mt. Werner Mountain in Steamboat? Looks pretty close). My question is how well do you think this graphic will translate to small objects like pens and so forth?
    • Hello, thank you for feedback and rating i'm glad that you like it, yes is Mountain in Steamboat just thought that you will like to see it in your logo i will upload design so you will see how it look like in small object. Best Regards

  • Thank you for your submission. I do enjoy the simplicity of the logo, and I like the colors. However, don't see reversing the letters as working. Please take another try! Many thanks!
  • Thank you for your submission. I envision my website having colors of blue and white, and I'm not sure that the grey will work. Also, I apologize for having an awkward set of letters in the name. I like the idea of symmetry, but I don't think the backwards L works.
  • I love the colors that you have chosen, and I really enjoy the fade/blending of the colors. I'm not so sure that the columns work with the letter of my name. Just not an easy letter to blend; right now, just looking at the column with the letter, almost looks like it's LP. Challenging combination, I know. Please keep it coming!
  • Thank you for your submission. As between the two, I like the upper one more. I envision my website being in colors of blue and white, so I'm not sure that the black will work.
  • Thank you for your submission. I like that you've moved past just using my initials for the logo. I don't like the black and gold, and I like the blue/white better than the one with the red. But I'm not sure that the columns are quite what I'm looking for. Please keep it up!