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Project description

What we do: 

Petit Boutik is an online shop specialized in women fashion industry for 4 years. With respect and love to the female personality, we design clothes with quality materials and fabrics. Our collections typically reflect a romantic mood featuring elements like bows and hearts. The style is casual, usually playful but not too fancy.  

About our trademark:

"Petit Boutik" name comes from the french "Petite Boutique" that means a small shop. The name has been paraphrased on purpose to express our philosophy for simple but yet beautiful designs. 

How we express our philosophy:

We seek to have a clean, easy to use website. Every photo - every piece of cloth is framed around a concept. A photoshooting is like creating a little story. Girls in the photos would probably remind you of the girl next door rather than a professional model. Our moto: any girl can wear our clothes. 

What we expect:

A simple and elegant logo that will express our philosophy. We do not expect any promotional phrase (slogan), just our brand name.

We would prefer to keep it calm, not too distracting, not more than 3 colors.

Our style is romantic, girly and chic but not too childish.

You may try hearts or bows but that's not mandatory. Feel free to use your imagination and creativity and create something unique. 

What we don't expect:

 - Simply put - a plain/overused/common font with a heart as an accentuation mark. 

 - But that's what you have right now!

 - Correct. Why to change our existing logo if the new one is more or less the same! ;-) 

More info:

You can check our style on our website or our Facebook fanpage

Attached you may find also some logos that we find interesting and we like their philosophy.

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  • Hi, please check the design, and provide feedback #524
  • PB letters design to be as pretty bunny and half of beautiful butterfly #519
  • :) #518
  • open to criticize, please! #517
  • Hello, my first proposal. Thanks #514
  • may i have your attention on this, please! and correct me if i am wrong thank you. :) #513
  • (p)etit. #512
  • New Concept, hope you like it, and let me know if you need anything, thank you. #508
  • Boutik logo #507
  • Hi CH Good day here is my first proposal for your logo, i have kept it simple yet modern i hope u like it. #504
  • @petit boutik #503
  • @petit boutik #502
  • @petit boutik
    Variation #499
  • asking your permit to competing BIANCAV from LDSPro with cannot use scissors, :P #498
  • @petit boutik
    Retouched design #497
  • About #473, @BrightArtAct thank you..very good very artistic..but it reminds a bit of man costume (tuxedo)
    you could try maybe something more feminim
    • About #473, @petit boutik
      Thank you for your feedback, it is very important for my work at the design.

  • My first attempt: Please let me know if you are interested in the design concept and have any questions to make this your logo. Thanks #492
  • what a beautiful 7 days more, wish i can touchdown on pay day with this cut of neck and shoulder, and just wondering what will i feel when loosing masterpiece and owe mastercard, :P #491
  • also..we would like to see how it looks like with different color the bow like something pastel color..pastel pink...pastel blue..pastel purple or something else you choose #288
  • About #490, @biancav fantastic!!!!please can you try the #288 the original logo with the water paint??