Petit Boutik Logo Contest

The contest was very creative and we were very pleased with the outcome and the diversity of the entries. The designers gave us variations of their work according to our comments and they were very collaborative. It was very interesting and easy going way to create something so important as a business logo.

€400 paid

686 custom designs

149pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #288 by biancav, Logo Design for Petit Boutik Logo Contest Contest
Gold Medal

designed by biancav

Project description

What we do: 

Petit Boutik is an online shop specialized in women fashion industry for 4 years. With respect and love to the female personality, we design clothes with quality materials and fabrics. Our collections typically reflect a romantic mood featuring elements like bows and hearts. The style is casual, usually playful but not too fancy.  

About our trademark:

"Petit Boutik" name comes from the french "Petite Boutique" that means a small shop. The name has been paraphrased on purpose to express our philosophy for simple but yet beautiful designs. 

How we express our philosophy:

We seek to have a clean, easy to use website. Every photo - every piece of cloth is framed around a concept. A photoshooting is like creating a little story. Girls in the photos would probably remind you of the girl next door rather than a professional model. Our moto: any girl can wear our clothes. 

What we expect:

A simple and elegant logo that will express our philosophy. We do not expect any promotional phrase (slogan), just our brand name.

We would prefer to keep it calm, not too distracting, not more than 3 colors.

Our style is romantic, girly and chic but not too childish.

You may try hearts or bows but that's not mandatory. Feel free to use your imagination and creativity and create something unique. 

What we don't expect:

 - Simply put - a plain/overused/common font with a heart as an accentuation mark. 

 - But that's what you have right now!

 - Correct. Why to change our existing logo if the new one is more or less the same! ;-) 

More info:

You can check our style on our website or our Facebook fanpage

Attached you may find also some logos that we find interesting and we like their philosophy.

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  • thank you very interesting design... could you write "etit" not so calligraphic or handwriting but more clear? #655
    • About #655, @petit boutik thank you for the rating and feedback I am glad you like it. I made more versions #684 - more clear, and #686. I hope you like them too. I would have tried more versions but there was not enough time.

  • I hope you will consider # 667
  • hello.. can you check my designs #658 #659 .. Thanks
  • feedback pease #667
  • Hi, please check the design, and provide feedback #647
  • About #630, @giani_lt
    thank you. how about this? #633, #634
    • @giani_lt liked the symmetrical of Petit and boutik of #630 and the bold of Petit..

  • excellent try!!!Thank you!!
    could you try the BOUTIK not bold??and the heart without solid and one without heart #630
  • thank you
    very good I would like to see with different font the ''etit''...not so caligraffic or handwrite #610
    • About #610, @petit boutik
      Thank you. how about this? #630

  • we like so much this version of petitboutik...we like as additional the #493 with background the heart of #490
    so we would like to see how could look like on a ''thank you card' for the clients 8x6 cm
    and on shopping bags 56x32 (both sides) #288
  • please feedback on my submissions, thanks.
  • please feedback on my submissions, thanks.
  • feedback please #606
  • this unique characters based on PB letter type. But the icon look also love form too #599
  • Hello, please look at my entries #593 #594 #595 #596 #597 #597 and let me know what you think.
  • P & B #591
  • a different color #589
  • another version, feedback please #586
  • feedback please #582
  • corrections needed, thanks a lot; and pardon me for mistakes i have will made. #579
  • i hope you like my design #576