Phair Homes

This design contest was a great way to get many takes on a potential brand//log after providing a brief. The quality of the work was great. Would highly recommend.


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Winning design #162 by Dayadrana, Logo Design for Phair Homes  Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Dayadrana

Project description

This project is to design a modern, clean, elegant logo for a real estate sales company based out of San Diego California. 

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  • hi sir,please check out my designs.thanks #148
  • I really like this font! Can you provide some variations using this font? #72
    • @jphair good evening jphair.. thank you for this great message.. i will variations for this font... feel free to message for some changes.. thanks..

  • About #120, @jphair Please check my revisions. #133 #134 #135 #136. Thanks.
  • i'm ready to your feedback #107
  • windows separate from Phair and Homes #90
  • Please give me a feedback sir for #76-78 and #58. thank you
  • Please give me a feedback sir for #76, #77, #78 and #58. thank you
  • though I think the sans-serif fonts have a cleaner look, I have included this one serif font so you can have the option. i look forward to your thoughts. #62
  • Dear Sir
    logo attached
    plz feedback
    alkesh #52
  • simple and clean
  • simple and clean
  • Darker blue and reverse white lettering as suggested. thank you for your feedback, it is helpful. #30
  • thank you for your feedback. here is clean, square style with color variations. #27
  • About #16, @RoManiac
    the phont is kind of odd to me and hard to read.
  • About #15, @RoManiac
    I like the font. The character to the left however is strange. Maybe try a few variats of that?
  • I like the clean look. I don't want the symbol to be PH as that is hard to remember. The font on the PH looks good! Also please remove the words "real estate sales".
    Lets see a box shape with the words Phair Homes. Try some different color combinations please. #23
  • I like the clean look. Can we see how it would look with white lettering and the box filled in blue? Also I would like the blue to be a bit darker. It would be hard to see on a sign. #21
  • About #25, @adiditya52
    That is a bit too abstract. It is also difficult to make out the symbol as being letters.
  • This design according to the brief you give , if you need a revision am ready anytime . #24
  • Phair Homes #12