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Winning design #60 by ccboy, Logo Design for Phat Buddy Farms Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ccboy

Project description

We are a indoor marijuana farm that specializes in high quality product grown in Oregon.

We are looking for a logo for our name, something playful and fun that sets us apart from the rest. Our target audience is people who are 21 and up looking for quality marijuana.

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  • a new Buddy in his happy place #120
  • I Hope You Like This New Logo. #115
  • This entry is RGB Color #114
  • Hi juliesparkles
    I have tweaked one of my designs, modified the font and added some shading, please see entry #111. Feedback most welcome
  • Hi Julie,
    Updated girth in t-shirt and pants. Let me know what you think. Changes? #106
  • Hi juliesparkles
    Do you have any feedback for entry #80, that would improve it further to your liking? Colour, font change etc?
  • He's pretty awesome. Maybe make him a little more physically fat? Not like beer belly hillbilly fat... but more like buddha-chill fat. #93
  • It's cool, but we are more of an indoor grow operation. I'd focus on trying to create "buddy" ... some kind of mascot/character. He is always in a good mood, is fat, and has the best product around. #87
  • I LOVE this, but i think it resembles a panda a little too much. #86
  • Hope this stoner is more what were looking for, like someone who would buy from Walt. If not satisfied with this one, just let me know. #93
  • Nice and simple looking.
    • Thank you Sir for your feedback

  • Hi juliesparkles
    I have made the logo a little less complex in version #73, #74, #75 or #80, #81
  • Hi juliesparkles
    Thanks for your feedback, please find entry #65 or something a bit cleaner #66, #69, hope you like them
  • Cool. I'd like to see if you can make a style of logo that actually gives life to "buddy"

    I'd like buddy to be a character of sorts. I dont want anything terribly complex, but something that tells you a bit about buddy.

    He smokes a lot, hes happy, and he has the best stuff around.

    For inspiration, check out logos for phat panda farms. #55
  • The only tweak id like to see on this is maybe a more playful font? I'd try a couple things... maybe a graffiti style blocky writing? i dont want the overly cursive swoopy style of graffiti, something more like this is what I mean:

    Play with the colors of the text of course.

    Thank you! #60
  • Oh man this is pretty awesome. But i'm not sold on the character yet... seems almost too breaking badish with the hat. Maybe a character that leans more in a "cool or hip pothead" kind of direction. Maybe google image pothead or stoner cartoons for some direction on it? #61
  • here's Buddy! #61
  • I Hope You Like it This New Design. Thank You. #59
  • Hi juliesparkles,
    Please find my entry #48, #49, #50, #51, #52, feedback greatly appreciated.
    • @sjkelly07 You have some great entires and are at the top of the pack. Something that might push you over is if you can come up with some character that could be "buddy".

    • @juliesparkles For inspiration, check out Phat Panda Farms and see what theyve got going on. a mascot with a simple shape, but with a face that tells you everything you need to know about the product. And realize this is buddy... the character with the best stuff in the world. Ideally he would look happy, confident, awesome.

  • This is pretty awesome. I'd like the face to be somethign more... like a shit eating grin. you know what I mean? He's supposed to be really blazed, and happy, and like he has the best stuff in the world. #58