Phipps Soft Tissue and Spine

Out of the 60 design options I received, Hollander had the top 2. Quick to respond, high quality.

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Winning design #57 by hollander, Logo Design for Phipps Soft Tissue and Spine Contest
Gold Medal

designed by hollander

Project description

We are rebranding our chiropractic company.  Our old name was Muscle and Joint Chiropractic (

We are looking for a minimal logo that highlights the letter P w/ Phipps Soft Tissue & Spine next to it.  We are open to other ideas.  We print our logo on our work shirts so it needs to be a logo that can work on many mediums including digital and print.  We tend to treat athletes or people that exercise regularly.  Something that highlights motion/on the move.  Integration of simple back/spine elements if possible but realize this could make printing a challenge.

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  • design #47
  • design #46
  • Hope you like it. Good luck #29
  • Your options have been very repetitive Any other ideas/options? #16
    • @phippster12
      ...yeah,thank you for your remark(feedback)....
      ...they were not repetitive...they had some differences, but maybe to subtle for your taste.
      thank you any way...
      I should have had made only one option

  • Is the contest blocked? For some reason I can't upload my design JPG.
    • @andresduce118 It should still be live.

    • @phippster12 Strange, when I try to upload, nothing happens.

  • Pissible to bring the curl of P up higher. Some feedback from family it resembles a person's belly. #20
  • Curious how this would look if you eliminate this element? #20
  • i am ready to your feedback, thanks #21
  • Hope you like it. Good luck #20
  • As mentioned, possible to create a less bold/thick P? #9
  • Very cool, curious how this might look if the "Soft Tissue and Spine" were below the Phipps. And maybe a more leigible version of the Phipps font. This is looking like a potentially great option. #10
  • Our favorite so far. Curious about other options where the top curl of the stand alone P is a little more softer/thinner. #9
  • @phippster12
    New Proposal #13