Pho Kitchen Vietnamese Restaurant Logo

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Winning design #6 by catradesign, Logo Design for Pho Kitchen Vietnamese Restaurant Logo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by catradesign

Project description

Pho Kitchen is an Pho concept that is 50% Traditional Vietnamese Restaurant and 50% Americanized in an upscale environment. The presentation of the restaurant is a higher quality than traditional mom and pop Vietnamese Restaurant and is aiming to be a chain. The dishes are higher quality.

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  • About #5 I'm sorry I forgot the letter 'e' on #4 ;)
  • Hi CH, Submitted design #20, any comment or feedback for improvement is always welcome.
  • Dear Zen, Please see my first entries #33, #34, #35 and #36. I have tried to keep it simple and clean without fuss or complications as most high end restaurant logos tend to be. You can use the bowl with the chopstick and noodle P as a standalone logo, icon or avatar #37. I look forward to your feedback. Kind regards, Liz
  • Dear CH, I submited two designs #27, #29. #27 - is an artist and modern style of represent a restaurant #29 - mix's the both "Kitchen's" the Vietnamese and the American. We can see that the tradicional chef's hat and in the tradicional vietnamese conical hat. Any change needed, just say.
  • Can I know the contest holder? It's somewhat missing...
  • Hello CH, my proposals are #77 ... i tried to give to you an luxury image, based on minimalism , let me know if you want to change something or if you want me to make another kind of design for you. ( Something about the colours also... because this proposal is monochromatic ) Thank you for the opportunity of working with you. Good Luck and Best Regards. João Santos ( Portugal )
  • pls.. give comments for #66 and # 67.......................................................
  • #73 I would keep the logo very minimalistic - that way it will be usable for many years. It would be very nice with black background, with a metallic print on menues et cetera. I will change colour on the logo if this is they way you wish to go. Good luck!
  • I submitted design #65, please let me know what to improve and what version you like the most. Kind regards.
  • I submitted designs #61, #62, #63 In the PHO letter "O" with a line symbolizes a pan. Best regards
  • Hi, plz send me feedback on design #59.It has hot dish welcoming people to eat.
  • My jobs are open to any changes according to the need of CH!
  • Dear CH , am submitted a design #50 #58 & #76 based on ur brief thanks for tis opportunity . .
  • I wanted to express with this brand an invitation to an excellent meal, with sympathy and elegance. I believe that a brand should inspire sensations (in which case the desire to eat well, with taste and style). Thanks for the opportunity to build this brand. Valadares.
  • Hi:) #83 is a Simple Black & White Design. I think with this image I created from my thoughts then by hand to computer, (original) and the type I used, perhaps your customers would be able to remember your restaurant more than maybe some other images because it is simplistic. The logo can be used huge or small and since it is black and white, it can be converted to many different colors easily without any issues. If a logo looks good in black and white it is good, and cost effective all at the same time. I hope you like it. #87 I Tweaked it a little. Added Red for the background with a trim of black around the edge. Also I moved the word "PHO" closer to the word "Kitchen so that the H has a feeling or an impression of a skewer or chopstick running through it. The basic design is the bowl and the the type and the way it is placed on the background. The edges, the way the type is placed and the colors can all be changed to reflect the mood you would want to create for each piece such as a menu, promo, coupon, poster, brochure, to go menu, wine list etc.