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Winning design #28 by ashubenwal, Logo Design for Phoenix Bin Cleaners LLC Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ashubenwal

Project description

On top I want it to read my business name. To the lower left of my business name I would like a black Waste Pro trash bin with it's lid half way open with cleansing bubbles coming out of it. On the center of the black bin I would like a simple design of a phoenix. Two wings and a head facing to it's right. To the lower right of my name I would like a Green Waste Pro recycling bin with the recycling logo on it and its lid half way open with cleansing bubbles coming from it. In between the two bins and below my name I would like it to say, " We professionally sanitize and deodorize the inside and outside of your trash bins in the most eco friendly way. We use hot water and pressure to blast away the grime and stink". Below that and to the right I would like the eco- friendly logo. Below the eco friendly sign I would like it to list "Phone: 850-329-6506", below that I would like it to read "", underneath that just put "Website:". Next I would like some bubbles starting from underneath the black bin flowing from left to right. I would like some bubbles to be very 3-D like. That should conclude my design idea.

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  • About #39, @alfian42
    I really like this one. Can you put a black bin to the bottom left of the design and a green recycle bin to the bottom right, both facing each other and their lids open with bubbles coming out of them. Very nice design. Add the two bins and it would look spectacular. Thanks!
    • About #39, @rhart12
      could you also put the "recycle" design on the green bin. Thanks.

  • You got my attention with this one. Not much I would change on this one. I like. #41
  • update on #30 #35
    • About #35, @ashubenwal
      much better, thank you.
      I really like this design but I was wondering if you could do another version less animated and more business oriented, I like this one and may use it but I just want to see it in a more business like streamlined crisper looking aspect. Sorry for all the changes Im asking for but it will be mutually beneficial for us. Im 99% sure I want to use your design but I just want to get different perspectives on it. Thank you so much for all the work you've done.

  • give me feedback #37
    • @alfian42 I like this one

  • Is the background color gentian blue? #30
    • About #30, @rhart12 yes its gentian blue. i'll update it.

  • give me feedback #33
  • give me feedback #32
  • Can you move the phoenix head to look to its right and then remove the recycling logo from the black bin and it will be perfect. Thanks #30
  • What about a bigger phoenix with its wings spread out above this? #28
    • About #28, @rhart12 you mean above trash bin or above " phoenix" text ?

    • @ashubenwal above the phoenix text

    • @rhart12 ok...should phoenix is on Bin too?

    • About #28, @ashubenwal

      yes, maybe no

    • @rhart12 check #30 then

  • text with phoenix bird #30
  • updte on #10 #29
  • could you remove the text from this one as well and switch the phoenix head looking the other way. This way I will have two ideas to submit to my CFO. Is this one in gentian blue or the other one? #10
    • About #10, @rhart12 ok i'll update it. the other one is on gentian blue back

  • please check it...without text n LLC #28
    • @ashubenwal that looks good. Ill get my CFO to look at this.

    • @rhart12 ok

  • could you remove the "LLC"? #11
  • A new development came up between me and my wrap designers.Could you remove all of the text and the LLC? #25
    • About #25, @rhart12 this should take time but i'll manage it. one quick question: should i delete contact detail too?

    • @ashubenwal yes please, thanks

  • another option #26
    • @ashubenwal this looks good but I think I like the other option better. I think

    • @rhart12 ok thanks......just wanna try , how it looks

  • option 3 #27
  • contact info centered. #25