Phoenix Fury Roller Girls

We have really enjoyed working with this designer. The designer took on board every request and moulded the original entry to the final image we were happy with. Definitely would use again and recommend.

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Winning design #29 by Amezarak, Logo Design for Phoenix Fury Roller Girls Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Amezarak

Project description

Phoenix Fury Roller Girls (PFRG} are looking for a club logo.

Who are we?

Phoenix Fury Roller Girls are a not-for-profit, all-volunteer, all-female flat-track roller derby league located in Mackay, Queensland

Phoenix Fury Roller Girls are dedicated loyal women who multi-task careers, motherhood, sports, charity work and social lives. 

The league promotes and supports competition among strong, determined and driven skaters with a passion for camaraderie, teamwork, fitness and fun.

Symbolic meaning of the Phoenix

It means that she has arisen from flames as a winner, beating all life challenges and defeating hard times. Therefore, phoenix is a symbol of rebirth from the ashes of the past, and it also represents the victory of life over death.

Our team colours are red and purple

Our requirements for a logo

We would like to see the below items incorporated into the logo

  • Phoenix bird /or phoenix wings
  • Flames
  • Roller derby girl 
  • Overall logo design we would like to be round
  • Simple but solid design only using 3-4 colours


Does not need to be entire bird but must have wings in design


We are open to suggestion however when considering our symbolic meaning to our name we have arisen from the flames as winners

Roller Derby Girl

  • Consider who we are what we stand for when considering the facial expression, we are fierce but not mean, we are ladies who have sass, and strength but we are also feminine
  • We would like her to be wearing a roller derby helmet if possible.

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  • This is my first graphic design, hopefully my graphic design can win this contest.
    Sorry, I just joined and lacked experience and needed support to become an expert graphic design.
    Thank you... #42
  • im not an artist by any means but I work using photoshop for some our promo stuff, like business cards and posters. Will we be able to have the image as a png image as well with a clear back ground? #29
    • @treasurer_pfrg Once the design if fully approved, you will get all the original source files. I can provide adobe illustrator and photoshop software file, as well as JPG, png and any other format riquired, no problem.

  • One last change and I think we are on the money. the leg (the longest one) just needs to be a fraction shorter. still showing legging and ankle. feedback from skaters is the angle and ankle just looks a little odd. apart from this we cant wait and are really happy
    • @treasurer_pfrg Hi, for personal reasons, I think I won't be able to perform this change in the time limit of the contest. But if I get selected as winner, we can work the design until you feel it is finally done and then, and only then, finalize the contest to get the digital archives.

    • @treasurer_pfrg The finalization process is between the contest holder and the winer designer, like a one-on-one work flow.

  • Here's a 2nd design for you to consider! Just let me know.

    fcurtis #37
  • Hello! I hope you will like it. If you need changes, feel free to let me know please. Sincerely, Kristina. #32
  • I appreciate all the positive feedback, and regardless contest outcome, i just want to say that i had a blast creating this design. Thank you! #29
  • Is this an example of logo on a sticker or in italic #23
    • @treasurer_pfrg LoL yeah, the bottom right corner is a mockup as it would look as a cut-out sticker, just to exemplify a possible application.

  • Sorry hit the damn button to many times
  • Sorry hit the damn button to many times
  • Is this an example of logo on a sticker or in italic #23
  • Is this an example of logo on a sticker or in italic #23
  • Is this an example of logo on a sticker or in italic #23
  • Is this an example of logo on a sticker or in italic #23
  • Is this an example of logo on a sticker or in italic #23
  • Is this an example of logo on a sticker or in italic #23
  • please also refer to our other comments on your images. no skates of elbow. like the concept of this round image could you look at the wings as per my other comments
    and her face. also our two league colours are purple and red if you could somehow workit that would be great. #19
    • @treasurer_pfrg Hello! Thanks for the feedback, I will work on the changes and upload to view. Sincerely, Kristina.

  • thanks for your your submission we are keen to see a little more from you. we feel her face could be to simple and like pin up rockabilly style girls. our team colours are red and purple and would like to see what else you can do #8
  • we are keen to see some more. these need to go on shirts and merchandise we really want it to pop so people want to buy our merch
  • very mixed on this one from members. we still feel she just isnt pretty/pin up style. we like that you have changed to a white body colour. could we also see her with a fist rather than a finger to the chin. thanks for taking on board our feedback and submitting more art for us to work with #25
  • some really great work kristina, we would like to see a few changes if possible. The wings arent doing it for us, we would like to see them somehow be in front of her or as a flame. We feel she looks like a bird women (sorry) and when considering the meaning behind the phoenix its more that we are rising from the flames. hope that makes sense. she is feminine which is great, maybe a little prettier with pin up style face. like the block colours prefer white body and will comment on the other circle shaped logos you have sent. also no need to have skates in image as you have her looking like a derby girl #21