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Winning design #113 by Donyfajar, Logo Design for Photo and Cloud Aggregator needs Logo Contest
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designed by Donyfajar

Project description

A new project, called, needs a logo and palatte of colors. The project aggregates photos and files from multiple cloud services (like Dropbox, Facebook, Flickr, and others) and makes them available on any your phone, web, etc. It is designed to be simple and minimal, with search and aggregation as key concepts. alkio is a finnish word that means 'element', 'embryo', or 'embryonic'. The primary focus is on putting together lots of 'elements' to make a whole, as in multiple cloud services to make a single point of coordination. Can be stylized or alkio. The website will be Would like something more iconic in style for the bug and then the text name. Some examples of desired type of design: Square, Flipboard, Dropbox (not too similar), TripIt, etc.

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  • Dear CH, #3 is my first entry for you. Please give some feedback. Best regards. Deecarreon
  • I like the simplicity of the 8-bit graphic idea, but wonder if there's a way to make it look more modern (or like a throwback to 8-bit)?
  • What if the inner black fill was made up of a few blocks rather than just the triangle?
  • Can you add some color into the design? Such as a rainbow effect on the outer 'a' or alternatively on the alternating grey shutters?
  • about #18 i just noticed it looks alot #11 sorry bout that i didnt even see it
  • Hey CH, Please see my design entry #6. Any feedback would be great! Regards, Joe
  • Hi CH, Please let me your thoughts regarding design #41 and #42. I will be happy to make any modifications for you. Just let me know! Thanks, Patrick
  • A design idea to diverge on the current entries as a suggestion: perhaps some sort of 3D-like object, iconic. Android, AT&T, Dropbox, github, would all be examples.
  • Last comment was about #33, not #32.
  • Too much detail to be visible as a bug / logo.
  • Interesting revision. The previous version looked cleaner, would like something a bit more clean / organized. Could be different size blocks combining together to "fill" a part of the shape as in the previous rev.
  • Like the idea, but the visuals look like things are coming apart rather than together.
  • I know you want me to eliminate this entry, but I prefer it over #30
  • Dear CH, please eliminate my 28# design im submit new design thanx
  • Can you look at some of the other fonts or eliminating the dot? Also, would be interested in seeing a butterfly like this with more colors or alternating reds/grays.
  • I like the fonts in #35, #61, and #50. The two text styles I like: where the io is a different color (like in #35 and #61) or without the dot. Another possibility is to combine the dot with the bottom of the i, almost like a double sided i.
  • I like the butterfly. I don't like the space between the words. I would prefer to not have a 'dot' in
  • dear CH, please check my design #86 i hope you like and give feedback, thanks :)
  • Here is the strong and minimalist logo for #120 ! Hope you like it.
  • I like the rounded letters like in the 'i' but the 'a' looks too much like an 'o'. Prefer grey and black rather than light blue and blue.