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Project description

I'm undergoing a complete rebranding and moving upmarket. A new logo is kicking that off.

I like the overall feel of my logo, but it definitely needs some work. The rest of my branding is going to be relatively simple and bold (think straight black and white, bold, clean lines), so my logo really needs to POP. It should be clean and professional, but not stoic. Imjustcreative ( is quite similar to the style I'm looking for. Some thing that looks good on textured paper and looks good with white space.

Edit: I've been getting lots of "darker" looking variations of my current logo. After some thought, I've decided that a whole new design is probably best. On my website, "Mike Villa Visuals" is currently just displayed like that <-- in Helvetica. I'm here to CHANGE my logo, so please don't submit a logo that uses the exact same typeface that I currently have :) Also, feel free to ditch the orange if you don't like it!

I use my logo on quite a few different mediums, everywhere from my website, to a watermark on my photos/videos, to paperwork for the clients.

Final product needs to be delivered in eps and psd formats.

Please feel free to ask any questions you have here.

Edit: Added some example logos that I feel represent the style I'm looking for.

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  • Dear Mike, Thanks for the helpful critique! This is a revision of #50. Please let me know what you think!
  • Hi again Mike. tried this idea of combining the M and the V but still kept the circle concept. i could move "mike villa visuals" to be under the logo, however i can only submit one more design so i just want to make sure if this is a good path to carry on with or not. If not then ill give the circle concept one last shot. Thanks MK
  • Just thought this might work. I removed the background I can play with the colors if you like.
  • Not diggin' this as much. Too difficult to read and doesn't work well as an abstract object.
  • Weird swoopy font. Not a fan of the circle. Needs to say Villa, not V. I do like the line leading into visuals though. Maybe start over with just that and go from there?
  • A bit too swoopy for my tastes. Looks like an '80's surfing company. Also, the emphasis is on the visuals, I'd like it on my name.
  • Not diggin' this very much. Weird disconnect between the m and v. Don't like the fonts.
  • I like this. It seems to flow well. The v seems a little too stretched out though.
  • Fun concept. I don't know about the chopped-off v. As is, it looks a little too much like a heart, but maybe play around with it a little and see what you can do?
  • Hi Mike, Here's the revision for #76
  • Kinda weird looking to me. Just leaves an "unfinished" feeling. I like the overall feel of it though. Bold. Clean.
  • Not bad. The MV combo seems a bit goofy though. Like it's stretched too wide. I'd like to see Mike Villa and Visuals become a little more distinct from each other as well.
  • Interesting concept. Not quite there yet, but fun to think about. I'd like to see some more variations of it. Maybe simplify it some. Try and make it feel a little more bold.
  • Super formal, super weird, very unprofessional looking.
  • After all these guys, I think I like the circle best. I appreciate the alternate versions though. Not a fan of the font on this. I think sanserif might be best. Keep chuggin'
  • Kind of unoriginal looking logo. Looks like something off an airline. Text is sloppy and unprofessional, and the overall look is unoriginal.
  • Again, bad icon. Text is too crazy on this one. Doesn't fit the description I wanted of clean, bold.
  • Doesn't work at all. The icon looks like something off an airline and the text is boring, plain, and unprofessional.
  • Not feelin' this one. Nice and clean fo sho, but looks kinda sci-fi/techy, and the icon is just kind of random. Everything is too glossy in general.
  • Idea! Maybe try incorporating some form of the two stripes of my original in this one?