Photo booth rental business needs logo

We love our new logo! The designers created some awesome logos. It was a difficult task to pick ONE. We will definitely come to designContest again!

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Winning design #134 by RubanRenato, Logo Design for Photo booth rental business needs logo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by RubanRenato

Project description

We are need of a logo for our new photo booth business. Something modern, yet stands out from the usual business name with a camera next to it. Whimsy and light with or without an icon/graphic. Our company colors are light lime green, light blue and white. Our business name is 4 Laughs Photo Booth, LLC

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  • Oh man! Forgot that part! So embarrassed! 4 Laughs Photo Booth, LLC
  • Dear CH, May i ask what is the name of your company? Best Regards, FInestroke
  • Hello thatjustfigures aka CH :) Please let me know what you think about designs #44, #45, #46, #47, #48, and #49. I tried a few different variations with the colors using a darker color to create a little depth in a few of the designs, but please let me know if you like one more than the other or if a new font might help. I also played with the words a little and I left out LLC in a few but it can always be added. Thank you! :) -Ash
  • dear contest holder, please make it a blind contest to enhance creativity. Thank you
  • dear contest holder, please make it a blind contest to enhance creativity. Thank you
  • Dear CH, pls check my design entry #32.. I hope you like it.. thank you.. Best Regards, Finestroke
  • new entries from me #22 #23 I hope you like my designs
  • Revisions done to #15 give me a critique if I'm wrong
  • About #16 Simple highlights and dont know how strict you are on colors but I added a touch of orange to add vibrance. Would it be ok to use other shades of the colors provided to add some gradient to the image? Sample full color concept #20 This is just a mild version. #25 is dark version #26 is gray back #28 is light version.... pls omit #27 forgot to remove second mouth :?S Those were color to dark Next one is color to light #29 Glossy button version Open for critique Mahalo
  • lol That actually was a graphic that I made for another company but it started off with a shutter and so I thought to incorporate a funny image .. Kinda reminds me of Little Ceasers Pizza :?D ALOHA :?D
  • Thanks,, Will be working on poping the image more and maybe a few tweeks here and there Glad you like the concept. Mahalo
  • @Dskwkrs, I was discussing your use of a pineapple and although it was cool, we didn't think it would work well in our area. My daughter and I laughed so hard when we found out where you are from! Aloha!
  • Awesome!
  • About #11 Revisions done to #13 Open for critique Mahalo
  • Like the camera in this one.
  • I knew the hardest part would be deciding! Each one of you has a unique talent I could never come close to emulating ! Original ideas and use of our name. I may have to enlist a few friends to help me rate.
  • This is great! Love the eyes in photo booth. Would love to see this with just G instead of the icon. Great use of colors.
  • I like the camera lens placement but thinking it should be a bit larger. Like the layout of the font. Company name is 4 Laughs Photo Booth, LLC
  • Real nice font choice. Unique camera placement!
  • The pineapple graphic gives a tropical feel which wouldn't work well in our Rocky Mountain/sage brush area. Overall, I like the font choice you used with "4 Laughs"