Photo Uno basic photography school needs a smart, simple logo design!

I am really pleased with my experience at Design Contest. The whole process, since I started the contest my experience was great and at all times I felt all my questions were answered on time by Customer Center and in a friendly matter. Design Contest team will always be there if you have any questions or doubts. Also, the participation of all the designers is really exciting. Every day you get a better logo. It comes so hard to choose but in the end, there will always be 3 to 5 logos you prefer, among other great ones! My chosen designer was very fast and knew exactly what I wanted. I would recommend this site again! One thing, is that it might a bit complicated the final stage, not in terms of how it is done but in terms of visibility. I would only think about a better way to see the files that are uploaded, you feel a bit "not sure" of what is going on, just because you can't see the files or folder name. Otherwise, all is a great experience!

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Winning design #285 by krisdisk, Logo Design for Photo Uno basic photography school needs a smart, simple logo design! Contest
Gold Medal

designed by krisdisk

Project description

Photo Uno is looking for its logo design.

Below, you will find additional information that will help you incorporate our key messaging and personality into the logo:

What outputs are required by the designer?
- Logo
- Pantone details
- Typography type
- High Resolution file

Creative Considerations:
- The logo must feel premium and special
- The logo will be used as part of brochures, Photo Uno's website, handouts fro students
- The logo must reflect Photo Uno’s personality: smart, knowledgeable, didactic, friendly, interesting
- The name must be legible
- The logo must have an icon similar to Nike, Apple, Puma, Johnnie Walker, etc

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  • I went with a simple camera design. Hope you like it and if you need anything changed just let me know. Thanks, Squewheet
  • Dear Contest Holder, My suggestion for you is number #34 . My concept includes a camera lens designed as a medal. The medal and also the ''1'' (uno) in the middle symbolize the fact that you are number one in what you do. I hope you like this concept. Let me know if you would like any changes. Thank you.
  • Dear Contest Holder, I want to show a view through a camera in my logo. In result I got this #32. In a first "o" from "photo" you can read a camera frame and eye. I hope you will like this.
  • Hello CH, In this design I tried to show the frame of a camera through the hands of a child. Thanks.
  • Designers! Please read the rules about commenting in contests w/46/6/rules-for-commenting-in-a-contest-page If i see comments just pointing to your entry, asking for feedback or any other non conforming message, you will receive an infraction for not following the designcontest rules and you will lose you commenting privilege in this contest
  • backgrounds not allowed unless requested by the contest holder
  • I would like the logo to not be related to NYC, I liked the polaroid idea, however polaroids are from analog time, so it could be confusing. Could you please revise the logo not including Manhattan or analog photography? also, please remove the LLC. Please add 1 color. Thanks and looking forward to your next [pst.
  • Thanks for your post. I am not sure about the medal. Also, I would like you to not include the LLC. Thanks
  • Thanks for your post. Not sure about kids' hands holding the camera. The target consumer are not kids. Also, would like to have a more modern font (similar to the one done on your #39 post). Could you please send me a different proposal? Thanks
  • Dear contest holder I have just posted the new green color you asked! If it is still not what you want, please do not hesitate in ask again. I would love to make all the modifications you need for us to be able to design your ideal logo! :) Thank you!
  • Backgrounds not allowed unless requested by the contest holder
  • Please take out the LLC and I would like to see it with different font and colors, more lively colors. Thanks.
  • The idea of the 3 digital image capturing devices is nice. However, I would like to explore other options in design since we don't know how point and shoots, smartphones and DSLR's will look in a future. Also, the 3 devices may look a little complicated to understand when you first see the logo.I would also like to see it using another font. Thanks.
  • Hello, Thanks for your post. I would like to see the logo using only 2 colors and without LLC. I liked this idea, but would like to see it in other colors to compare. Remember to use only 2 colors. Thanks
  • I like the idea. I would like to see it without the TM. Also, could you please send this logo with other colors? Thanks
  • I am not sure about the tiger used as a symbol, could you please send another version? Thanks
  • Hello I would like to see this logo with other colors. I like the color used but would also like to see it using: green. I prefer the layout of this logo instead of the triangular logo posted in #10.
  • Hello Designers. I am thrilled with all the postings so far. I wanted to please ask to those who have included LLC, to take it out of the design. We would like just to have Photo Uno, not Photo Uno LLC. Also remember only to use a maximum of two colors. I will be soon posting more comments. Thanks, Photo Uno
  • cad
    How about #48 ? Thanks for respons...
  • cad
    Dear CH, #47 is like #46, but only 2 colors...