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This was my first contest. I really loved the many proposals and the creative level. Will use DesignContest absolutely again if another challenge comes along.


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Winning design #23 by jctoledo, Logo Design for Photographing writer/Writing photographer Contest
Gold Medal

designed by jctoledo

Project description

I'm a Dutch professional copywriter and... (almost) a licensed, professional photographer. My surnames will form the company name: Ernest & Victor. The subtitle will be (in Dutch): Fotografie & Verhalen. I'm looking for a logo that illustrates the two disciplines. Modern, sleek, but also classy in a way.

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  • Hello, here is my entry. Pencil and shutter as writer and photographer tools. "Inside" pencil You will find letters E and V. Modern customized slab serif font. Simple, modern, sharp and clean design. Regards!
  • Although I like the typography it might be a bit to serious. The feel is a kind of premium watch brand. Which might be another idea, but not for now...
  • Perhaps another suggestion: fotografie + verhalen (so the + sign)
  • It's too much and has too much elements. I like it as simple as possible.
  • Sorry, but not the way I want to go.
  • I like it, but miss colour in a way. I also shoot color you know ;-)) and can be a very colourful writer. Perhaps play around with the &
  • Like the iedea but I find the typo too classic
  • Perhaps use a | instead of a & in the subline. They kind of conflict don't you think?
  • Keep it crisp and light like in#17 Images should be dominant and txt comes in 2nd
  • Like it. Not sure what you're trying to symbolize with the &? Also love the solution with fotografie | verhalen instead of fotografie & verhalen
  • Although I like it I was looking for some more elegance en subtility
  • Although the subline is self explainatory it might be to much about writing. In essence images are key and text is supplemental.
  • I like this design,apart form the blue. love to see an alternative with f.i orange
  • Thanks for the rating on #14. Any improvements and feedbakc. Cheers Andrei
  • Dear CH, #18 -#16 playing with the pen and camera focus. Not sure if you like the angle I'm taking. Kind regards, Mini
  • Hello erno, Please check my another design entry #15 and let me know what you think.
  • I lik e the type, but the sutter symbol is too generic.
  • Thank you. The font is not readable enough, I think.
  • Thank you all, dear designers. See my ratings so far.
  • Hi I had time and thought about your logo. I played a bit with my initial entry 14 by adding some color. I also refined the lightbulb and pentip, see #32 and changed the shutter you seem not being very fond of with a DSLR camera shape see #33. Also had a different, simpler approach on it using brackets as in photo and punctuation (quote, pilcrow paragraph, copyright or section symbol) as in copywriting. Different color and fonts. See #34 #35 #36 and #37. Please have feedback, request changes in color, shape, font or whatever, any combination you want can be made. King regards Andrei