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Phrozen Software is a Software company which develop Microsoft application in the field of Security / Surveillance and Utilities. The text should be aligned to the right and the logo to the left, like in the actual website >> I like moderm project such as these logo : It needs to be unique as it will be registered as official company logo.

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  • About #1 Hi! Welcome to DC This is my first concept for your company phrozen software.. I hope its on the right direction Best Regards
    • Hello, Thank you for your first concept, is there anyway to make the logo remind that the name of the company is Phrozen (like frozen) Software and also a bit more 3D aspect but not to much ? Thank you in advance for your interest

    • Yes Sure..... give some hour I will come up with a perfect version of this logo with your requirement

    • Thank you ! :)

    • You actually having the best concept ! :)

    • Thanks Please Check this one..#20. enhanced it a little bit...... Best Regards

  • Great, could you try making the P more squared also the design still to dark, It should fit with these kind of colors thank you in advance
  • Starting to be very good, Maybe a bit to darker, also the P in the picture should be flat to give a better result. Also is it possible to try a text alignment to the right. thank you in advance
  • It is good, a bit to much dark but its a very good start, but the text isn't good at all, is it possible to try to put the text aligned to the right.
  • This would be great for a music related website but our company is related to software and security. Thank you
  • Hi CH Phorzensoft just before I get started are there any colors in mind?
    • Here is the current official website, this could give you an idea of the colors.

    • thank you. I will have a logo(s) for you by the end of the day.

  • Congratulation
  • ps , i really like the font of the #52
    • Thanks............... Give me few minute...................

    • Hi! It's all Done, Please check #62......... and let me know if there is anything else... Thanks

    • This is perfect at 98% :) , few details (nothing big), the TM (â„¢) symbole doesn't print well, its like if the color drooled, could it be more smooth, also could you center a bit more the flat version logo with the text (align middle) thank you in advance.

  • This is perfect at 98% :) , few details (nothing big), the TM (â„¢) symbole doesn't print well, its like if the color drooled, could it be more smooth, also could you center a bit more the flat version logo with the text (align middle) thank you in advance.
  • Almost perfect, could you just for the flat version use the same style of the N°1 you did and it will be perfect. Also if you don't mind could you please try another font which could look more pro (just to see the result with both font (actual) and another font) thank you in advance.
  • HI CH, I uploaded 3D design #59.. Please feedback. Thank you
  • Hi CH, another 3D logo concept hope you like it share some feedback please #52
  • Hi CH please share some feedback about my entry #50, i also gonna make another 3D concept
  • It is almost perfect, Im almost sure to take your concept, could you please try a more harder blue (like the actual blue of the logo) and also do you provide a flat version (monochrome version) of the logo like you did in the first try ? thank you in advance
    • Thanks...... Please Check #51....... done with the required changes.. Please do let me know if there is any changes Best Regards

  • Awesome, is it possible to right align the text for the logo, and give a sort of glow effect to the global logo texture, mean something like
    • Ok cool... I will do that........ it will be much better than.. thanks for the feedback

    • Thank you !

    • Check this one #29.... with the glows hope it is getting better Best Regards

    • Yes it is simply awesome, i'm very balanced between your design and saeed one, they are both gorgeous (one complex - yours ; and one more simple but powerful - saeed) feel free to do other version of this concept this would help me to chose. thank you

    • Ok... g8... give me some time.. so that i can come up with a final version....

    • Hi! Please check #38.. I have enhanced the look of the logo ICON further more.. and There are three color option for you to choose... Best regards

  • Concept simply awesome, nice find could be more complex tho
  • could it be a bit more blue and glowy, this looks very good, i'm balanced between your design and DexMin17 one, waiting for his fix and yours.
  • Nice, the text should be right aligned; and the color more lighter in the blue.
  • I like it
    • Hi CH! Thnks..i have submitted my new entry #23... Is it moving in the right direction?

  • The logo part looks very promissing, but the text doesn't look professional. the color of the shield isn't good for a multi board logo. but I really like the concept