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Winning design #279 by vorrp, Logo Design for Physical Therapy and Wellness Center Contest
Gold Medal

designed by vorrp

Project description

Physical Therapy and Wellness Center will open its doors in 4 weeks. We plan to send out brochures to 1.7 million residents as well as 4000 doctors in surrounding towns. Therefore, we are looking for a logo that will be easily identified and remembered by our local referring doctors as well as potential new patients.

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  • Very Nice! I would like to see font and color variations. Please do one with the leaf on the other side. Thanks
  • Thank you Rodrigo for pointing that out! Fixed it and re-submitted the correct spelling now.
  • About#108 It was real chalenge! The motives of water and plants, all in styled shape of vertebra.
  • About #95 Just wanted to mention that this can be shown without the ponytail, if requested. Thanks!
  • About #95 Here is a revision with a different figure. This figure shows stability/balance (representing desired results from one aspect of physical therapy). Thanks!
  • I like the font and the layout. Can we change the man figure to see what it looks with other figures?
  • I like the font and the layout. Can we change the man figure to see what it looks with other figures?
  • In this design I want to portray the whole human structure in a abstract way. Thanks.
  • Can I see this logo with the man figure on the left? Thanks
  • Hello Everyone, I have submitted my current practice logo for color reference. One is reversed as you can see. The Physical Therapy and Wellness Center is my new practice and I would like the logos to be very different. However, I would like to see what the colors of my current logo would look like on the new logo. Please continue submitting different colors and ideas as I am also looking for fresh bold designs. Thanks for all your submission to date.
  • Can we get some more color ideas? I will post the logo for my other office.
  • I like this.
  • backgrounds not allowed . please read through our designer guidelines
  • This is a new proposal, I've made the atlas and axis articulated right in a lateral view, I'll be waiting for your feedback. Thanx
  • Hi Igorad, Unfortunately I have to remove your entry because of the small icon that you placed in the lower left corner of the page. I personally believe it looks nice, but our rules and guidelines prohibit these. Your aren't receiving any infraction points. I'm sorry Igorad, you are a great long-time elite team member and I hate to do this, but please resubmit your entry without the small icon on the bottom left. Again, no infraction points are being given for this. Thank you.
  • ABOUT#41 Maybe something like that instead #31!
  • Let's put something spine and joint related in the three circles instead of the figure you have now.
  • I like the logo on the left, but not the font. Please revise.
  • Looks nice. My colleagues will know it is a spine. I don't know if my patients will understand it is a spine. . Can we do I side image of a spine.