Picture Framing & Artful Home Decor

Was very pleased with the amount of designs I received and how the designer listen to feedback. When the contest ended A had great communication with the winning designer to make a few changes and finalize the design and post the files to download. The designer also checked back to see if all files were received and if I had any questions or needed any help. Thank you Design Contest

$275 paid

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132pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #468 by Kkey, Logo Design for Picture Framing & Artful Home Decor Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Kkey

Project description

This contest is for my business slogan to be used on an exterior building sign.  

Picture Framing & Artful Home Decor

Should complement my current logo.  Store name will not be included on the sign.

My logo colors are black & white, but I'm open to adding additional colors.

I would like "Artful" to be more playful or different color than the other fonts.

I'm open to different sign shapes, rectangle, square, round or dimensional.

Slogan can be stacked on 2 or 3 lines or just one. 

Graphics, lines, borders are all fine but should somehow go with my current logo. 

I like to see options that I haven't thought of before, which is why I'm doing a design contest.

Be creative and have fun!

* Frame Studio sign is staying on the building*  
Sign you are designing will be underneath where the rectangle is drawn on the reference photo. 

**Just a few things to keep in mind that may have gotten lost in translation.
1. The right hand side of the sign will be the most visual part.
2. Please be aware of how your design will look as a finished product as a sign on a building. 
I have commented to a few designers about the negative space around their design.
I hope this clears up some of my concerns. Thank you

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  • Thank you to all designers, you worked so hard. As you can see three designs are tied for first place. I will think things over and announce the winner in just a few hours. Thank you
  • Picture Framing Logo #491
  • Picture Framing Logo #482
  • Hi

    Thank you for your kind comments.
    I submit the revised design with 2 different versions for your checking and hope to receive your feedback.

    Best regards,
    Tien #472
  • Picture Framing and Artful Home Decor Logo #471
  • This is my concept I hope you like it. #467 #469
  • Thank you. I just wanted to see what it would like. The right side of the design will be more visible on the building. #454
  • About #293, @blue12 Thank you for all your designs. I wondering if you could try a variation with the graphic border flipped to the other side. Thank you
    • @framestudio hi, thanks for the feedback, please check my revision and don't hesitate to comment thank you

  • About #452, @huynhtienvn I like this option better than #451. Keep playing with it, colors, fonts. Thank you
  • This is my next concept. I hope you like it. Thank you :) #453
  • Hi

    I submit this new logo with 2 different versions.
    Please help to check and advise if possible with thanks.

    Best regards,
    Tien #452
  • I'm not sure I like this second frame border. PICTURE seems too stretched out. Thank you #445
  • update design for #335 #439
  • My proposal design 06 #424
  • @framestudio, please check and comment my revision, thanks #418
  • I hope you like it CH
    Thank you #417
  • tell me if any suggestions #414
  • please check and comment, thanks #413
  • @framestudio, please check my revision, thanks #408
  • @framestudio, please check and comment my revision, thanks #406