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Winning design #211 by joekong, Logo Design for Pifer Office Supply, Inc. Contest
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designed by joekong

Project description

We are an 80 year old company 60 miles west of DC, located in a small historic town in Virginia.

I purchased Pifer 60 days ago knowing that we are in need of a total rebranding.  Our name has pigeon-holed us in our community as just an office supply company.  We actually sell more office furniture and office machines (copiers, printers, etc) than office supplies.  I have a whole fleet of vehicles that have our current logo on them with our old domain of www.piferos.com.  That's the worst domain ever!! People call us pi-feros.    I have secured www.piferofficesupply.com and that should be in place by the end of the week.

Office Furniture, Supplies are pretty straight forward.  But I have struggled with the copier end.  I like the term "imaging systems", I am open to anything.

I'm looking for a logo that says it all with out me having to explain what we do.  I catch myself all the time saying, " I'm with Pifer Office Supply, oh and we sell more than just supplies"!!

One word of warning, please don't us our initials because that's just wrong!!  Thanks for your time and look forward to your designs!!!

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  • please feedback to my design sir #229
  • color will be change..... #226
  • simple,.. #224
  • "A logo that says it all without you having to explain what you do!"
    Thanx #182
  • How about this one?,...please check,...Thank you:) #174
  • this new pen ,please feedback sir,, thanks #167
  • My first entry. I hope this will meet your needs. #160
  • please feedback to my design sir #137
  • Hi @brathman,

    Hope you like it and please tell me if you need anything more,

    Thanks, #133
  • Please give some feedback or suggestions,..Thank you :) #124
  • Minor Additions. Balancing Outer Line with Typography #76
  • refer #27 & #46 The "IFER" color changed into light blue (#27AAE1). I hope this color meet your wish and I didn't mislead your feedback. If you need any changes just let me know. thx #56
  • Can you take off the real P and move the big one over. Make furn copiers and supplies smaller #42
    • @brathman No problem. Please see #48.

  • refer #27 #46
  • Any chance you can rework. Sub the real p for the paper clip. So the ifer is under the paper clip. Leave Pifer and take out the supplies inc. Under put furniture, copiers & supplies. Make whole thing blue but the clip. Make it Nice I like the idea of dropping the supply!! Nice job!! Not a big fan of the big P and equipment. Like I said I have struggled with copiers & Imaging systems. Maybe machines electronic?silver or gold. Thanks the idea!!! #27
  • Nice, can you make PIFER the darker blue that's in the big P? #34
    • @brathman No problem. Please see #39. Let me know if there is anything else I can do. Thanks

  • Hi brathman,
    Please find my entry #37, #38, feedback greatly appreciated
  • P logo from paper clip #27
  • A modern take on the older logo. #19
  • About #7, @VictorLanger got the P !! I like it now.
    I also like the colors. Can you redo 7 with the word copiers. That's what we do furniture, copiers, supplies. That explains it, like I asked for!! Seriously nice job.
    • About #7, @brathman . Done: #15. Did you change your mind about the P/office cubicle symbol? I hope so.