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Winning design #122 by joekong, Logo Design for Pimp it  Contest
Gold Medal

designed by joekong

Project description

Platform where costumers could find all party elements together with a simple click to hire them on the spot or save them for the future.

For Mexicans, Mariachi/Mexican music, alcohol, food and gifts (such as flowers or chocolates for ladies) are some fundamental elements that should be in their parties. Our problem is that all this elements are hard to find together and also it is a lucky thing to find quality musicians. Furthermore, many people use music and gifts as a way to express love, beg for forgiveness or just to have fun.

We want to transmit elegance, trustworthiness and security, but also joy, symbolizing that music is always a reason to smile. We need logos with impact, not focused just on music. We want design representing party and exclusiveness, fun and dynamic.

We would like to have some pictorial.


  1. The man who has recently argued with his girlfriend/couple and feels guilty. Now is willing to hire some musicians and give a serenade, flowers and chocolates to compensate his mistakes. Man, 20 to 35 years

  2. People who is actually in the middle of a party and have alcohol in their bodies, they decide that it will be a good idea to hire some musicians and continue partying. With this kind of target, always alcohol, cigarettes and some snacks are welcome. Man, 16 to 30 years

  1. People who is planning to celebrate a special day (anniversary, birthday, familiar reunion, etc.). As they are making plans for a huge celebration, they usually make the planning in advance and they want to share music, food and special shows for their guests. Men 28 to 45 years

  1. Men who have no time or are too lazy to seek for a gift for their girlfriend/wife, so they found as a very good gift to give serenade, flowers, etc. Man, 20 to 35 years

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  • About #122, @joekong could u change bg color?
    • You mean the white background? I can change it. After select me as the winner, I will show background color for you. Thanks!

    • You mean the white background? I can change it. After select me as the winner, I will show background color for you. Thanks!

  • Sólo eso faltaba,.... VIVA ZAPATA!!!!
  • About #122, @joekong We like a lot this logo!! We would like just anothe happy color of background even if is necesary change letter's color!!
    • I am glad that you like it! I am going to submit other colors. Thanks!

  • Thanks for the rating on design # 67.
  • About #37, @H&JDesigns
    Dear CH, if you need any variation or changes to be made to this logo please let me know. This logo conveys the message that all party elements are stuck together in one place.
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  • Dear ch, the logo mockup in gold foil #141
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  • I Hope You Like it This New Logo. Thank You. #136
  • Version three #114
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  • please check my design sir #110
  • i hope you like it #107
  • Dear CH, I have done some minor changes and have also shown how it would look in black , white backgrounds and in single color. Hope this gives you better vision of the logo. #91
  • #83 and #84 Thank You so much..............
  • Hi,
    Please check entry # 66,67,81, & 82.

    Thanks & Kind Regards,

  • In this one I have modified the initial 'P' as a puzzle. #72