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Winning design #56 by haderalbert, Logo Design for Pinecone Pastries Contest
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designed by haderalbert

Project description

Looking for a logo for my home-based bakery business. I live in flagstaff AZ and want to cater to parents of college kids away from home. I will be backing home baked treats like brownies and cookies and cupcakes. Would like a logo that is simple yet speaks to locals and is cute and current

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  • Hi, I really like this version. The font treatment has a lot of character that only enhances the design. It has a freshness to the way it flows. I like the way we took advantage of the ground at the bottom of the tree trunk and used it as an underline under pastries . The over all design has a warm feel to the design that is also very inviting and easy to read. Hope you like it. Thank You! #69
  • Hi CH. i submit my design for your company logo contest. i hope it meet your requirements. #59
  • Hi, I thought I would try something a little different. I like the idea of replacing the "O" in cone with a simple cup cake making sure the font was perfect to be read as "Pinecone". I also wanted to incorporate a pine tree into the design as feel this is a good soultion. The over all design is very inviting with the color palette. Hope you like this version. Thank You! #54
  • Any feedback please? #24
    • @haderalbert I am really loving this one and am thinking of one last improvement. I like the fonts, I like the cupcake as the I and I like having a tree incorporated into the design. Instead of the tree making up the P could you maybe have it in the background centered with the words over top of it? Does that make sense? A subtle tree form in the background centered behind the words. If it’s possible to use a ponderosa pine silhouette or outline or light colored shape in the background (instead of just the generic pine tree) that would be super cool. Appreciate your art work! This could do it!

  • I hope you like this concept thanks
  • I hope you like this concept thanks #48
  • I hope you like this concept thanks #47
  • Hi, following please find a design that is very unique and very inviting. I like the stylized tree in the back ground of the cookie, which has a bite taken out of it and the cup cake. The subtle little details makes this design fun like the pinecone hanging from the tree tying everything into the title. I used a font that compliments the roundness of the logo while still remaining very readable. The color palette is warm and fresh making the over all design nice and memorable. Thank You! #46
  • Hi @debaz68
    Please find my entries #39, #40, feedback greatly appreciated
  • Hi, thank you for the opportunity to assist you in your logo development. After studying your brief I wanted to develop a design that is "Fun & Current". I like the animated cup cake as it really draws in the viewer and brings a smile to your face. The composition is very inviting and easily read. I am currently working on taking the icing and making it resemble a pinecone texture and will present once finished. Thank You! #38
  • Last one...I promise! :)

    fcurtis #34
  • Here's a completely different design from my 1st two. Again, just let me know.

    fcurtis #33
  • Here's a slightly different version than my previous design. Just let me know.

    fcurtis #32
  • Hi, hope you like it, and let me know if you need anything, thank you. #28
  • Any feedback please? #25
  • Let me know if there's anything you want to change from this design. #23
  • Hi!CH, here is my revised entry, the letter "O" made of cookie like a globe on top of it encompassed by pine trees. Thanks! #21
  • HI CH, heres my entry, a simple looking logo. thanks #15
    • @silyo3s I really like the simple ness and colors. Is the O supposed to be a pinecone? It sort of resembles a pine apple but I like this concept a lot. I wonder if you could work on the pinecone and maybe incorporate a simple tree somewhere? Love the concept

    • @debaz68 thanks for the feedback, letter O is a cookie and I put a pinecone on top of it,

  • I like this! Any chance for a simple pine tree or pine cone incorporated in some how? I like the font and the circle! #18
  • I really like this one. I wonder if you could incorporate a cleaner font so the word pinecone is a little cleaner to read? Any chance the dot on the i could be a pinecone or maybe a cupcake? #3