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Winning design #64 by zimple, Logo Design for Pinnacle NW Contest
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designed by zimple

Project description

We are looking for a Logo Design for our new business. We sell herbal products that are grown and packaged in the Pacific Northwest and are wanting a simple design that portray's where our products are from. We also want something that will be easily adaptable to use as letterhead, business cards, employee apparel, labeling, and so on; either in the full-size logo version or modified down. We only want 2-3 colors and a design that will look just as good in black & white. We have attached a few sketches that we have thought of but certainly not set in stone with them. As I am sure you will be able to tell, we are definitely not artists :) A vertical design might be a choice also.

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  • any feedback of my submission. just to know if we are on track. Good luck. :-)
    • It's a little too scripty for me but I am not the final decision maker either. Thanks for your interest :)

    • Thank you for the feedback.. Hope you could rate the designs for us to know if we are on track or do we need to enhance it or move on to a different direction. :-) Thanks. :-)

  • Clipart is not allowed in logo contests! Source:
  • Clipart is not allowed in logo contests! Source:
  • Hi Ch, please see design #25 & #26 for your feedback thanks :)
    • Very creative. I'm not the final decision maker but we thank you for your ideas!

    • Hi CH, thanks for the positive feedback, if you & your team has an idea to further improve my design for your logo just let me know I'm more than willing to improve it for you, thanks :)

  • What do you think about my entry, #11? I'll add a vertical logo as well as any improvements with my next submission. Thanks!
    • I like both your entries although the "E" on both seems scrunched. #11 quickly reminded me of a REI for some reason.

    • Thanks for the feedback. Between #11 and #15, which do you prefer (I only have one more submission, so I can only post one improved version) I have a vertical logo that goes with #11 if you prefer that one and I have fixed the E in both. Also, what do you think of the tree in the right logo in #15?

    • I am not the final decision maker so I don't want to tell you which one to use your final entry on. If our group meets before this contest is over I will find out which they would like you to work on. Thank you.

  • Can you guys show me some designs in a vertical setting too.
    • Would you prefer the lettering to be sideways or right side up?

    • I think right side up. Thanks for asking.

  • Freehandsam- show me some color. :)
  • Can you make PINNACLENW one word but either make the NW a different color or font similar to #2, 21 or 33? Maybe make the PINNACLE in a pea or grass green and the NW in a almost navy blue?
  • Clipart is not allowed in logo contests! Source:
  • Hi Sir, Submitted two new logo designs. #51,#52. Waiting for your comments. Thankyou Vipish TP