I was overwhelmed by the quality and diversity of the submissions. My contest had a total of 528 entries! Each author listened to feedback and modified their designs quickly. The design contest is a great value and I'm likely to start more contests in the future.


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Winning design #357 by shurzo, Logo Design for Pipedot Contest
Gold Medal

designed by shurzo

Project description

Pipedot is a news and discussion website. Main topics are about science, technology, and online privacy and freedom. Social networking and community driven discussion are major features of the site. http://pipedot.org/ A "pipe" is a character on the keyboard (the vertical bar.) It is used on the UNIX command line to channel data to and from different programs. It is not directly related to plumbing. It is defiantly not related to drugs. Do's Symbol/Pictoral/Letterform Logos Lowercase "p" and "d" have a neat symmetry Playing off the characters "|" and "." Simple - Should still be recognizable (not too busy) when shrunk down to icon size Dont's ALL CAPS - All caps is considered shouting Serif fonts - No serifs, I prefer a more modern look Complex - 50 dots is about 49 too many Wordmark - I'm interested more in a symbol than a stylized text string

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