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Nebralski is a wonderful graphic designer, and very easy to work with. I am thrilled with my DesignContest experience and will recommend it highly.

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Winning design #54 by nebralski, Logo Design for Pitt Hopkins Research Foundation Contest
Gold Medal

designed by nebralski

Project description

We currently have a logo of a smiling face (see link below), and would like to incorporate this current logo into a new design, of a Peter Pan figure sitting in our current smiling logo, like in the crescent of a moon.  We would also like new lettering of the name of our foundation to match the new logo:  Pitt Hopkins Research Foundation.  See website for current logo (the smiley face):  www.pitthopkins.org  .  We would like to keep the blue and gray coloring, and are open to additional colors too.  Our foundation was created by a group of families to fund research into finding a cure for Pitt Hopkins syndrome.  We would also consider other designs that can incorporate a Peter Pan figure with our smiling face design.  

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  • About #54, @phrf-fundraising

    Thank you!
  • Hello!

    I'm working on it!
    I'll send you in a momment!
    Thank you.
  • This looks great. Will get back to you soon if we have any more changes. Thanks!
    • About #38, @phrf-fundraising Great, I'll be on standby. Take care.

  • PHRF-16

    Version with a larger and repositioned Smiling Face in the standalone logo and a blue divider line and icon in the dark gray contrast layout. #38
  • About #36, @Fabio Piscicelli Could you please bring the smiling face down a little on the logo without Peter Pan, and make the smiling face and the text divider in the logo with the dark gray be blue? And I think I like the text better with the thinner font you had before. Thanks!
    • About #36, @phrf-fundraising Sure: how does this new version look?: #37

  • PHRF-15

    Version with a slightly repositioned Smiling Face icon in the standalone layout and thinner lettering than the previous PHRF-14 draft. #37
  • Hi Fabio, could you please make the smiling face larger and more centered on the designs without Peter, and make the font bolder on all of them? And move Peter slightly to the left inside the smiling face? Thank you! #22
    • About #22, @phrf-fundraising Hi, here's a new version of designs with such changes: #36.
      Let me know about any other possible corrections.

  • PHRF-14

    This version features bolder texts, larger and rearranged icons and a repositioned Peter Pan figure. #36
  • Here is a design without the peter in the design with colour options. thanks #32
  • Here is another design with the Peter in the 'O' with other colour options #31
  • Here are a few colour option with the peter in the logo. #30
  • Please let me know if you like the idea. Thank u #25 #26
    • @trajankamilkova Yes i do like this. Can you also incorporate the smiling face logo into the design (the upload I have in the files?)

    • @phrf-fundraising please have a look on #27, #28, #29. I can do it in any variation of colors or shapes.

  • PHRF-13

    A variant of PHRF-12 with a reduced standalone icon version. #22
  • PHRF-12

    This other variation features a standalone icon framed inbetween a continued text divider line, to wholly set and complement the layout. #21
  • PHRF-11

    This other version features a standalone icon seen as levitating or taking a hop to symbolize a lifting of spirits and hope. #20
  • PHRF-10

    I think I misunderstood your request about the "same horizontal tilt of the smiling face in design #13 instead", so here's a new version with a Smiling Face which has the exact tilt of your original icon, plus a standalone icon option with a sparkle accent within. #19
  • PHRF-9

    Versions with a less upwards-tilted Smiling Face for the composite icon and with a more centered Smiling Face for the standalone icon.
    Also, the gap in the text divider line has been re-spaced as an option. #18
    • About #18, @Fabio Piscicelli We love the logo with Peter Pan. The smiling faces though need to be exactly the same as the old file I uploaded--whether they include Peter Pan or not. The logo without Peter Pan just looks empty or unfinished to me now. Do you have any ideas for it, keeping the smiling face the same as the file I uploaded? Maybe adding a line underneath, or something? suggestions? Or maybe you think it should stay without anything else? Share with us your artistic expertise--

    • About #18, @phrf-fundraising I thought that when you asked for a more horizontal tilt in the composite icon (with Peter Pan) you wanted it to differ from the standalone Smiling Face, which has a more upwards tilt.
      As far as the standalone icon, there are a lot of accent possibilities that could enhance it without taking away or adding too much: a star within the empty space, or a curved line around the outer swoop line of the smile, or indeed a line at the bottom with a simulated shadow oval to indicate the "lift" of hope that the research provides.
      Would you like to see any or all of such possibilities in new previews?

  • Could you use the same horizontal tilt of the smiling face in design #13 instead, and for the logos without Peter Pan, move the smiling face down a little bit to be centered with the lettering? Looking good! #16
    • About #16, @phrf-fundraising Sure, here is a new preview with the changes: #18
      I've also re-spaced the text divider line, see if you prefer it as an option.

  • PHRF-8

    A preview set of monochrome and color contrast versions. #17
  • PHRF-7

    The requested preview set of icon and color contrast variations. #16