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Winning design #47 by Electra, Logo Design for Pixodet Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Electra

Project description

Pixodet is a startup microarray DNA and protein analysis company. DNA and protein analysis involves dropping tiny droplets of solution containing biological materials into spots that are illuminated with a laser and fluoresce different colors. The color and intensity are detected to measure the presence of the components of DNA genetic material. We want to logo to be a stylized expression of the company name, Pixodet. We are thinking the "o" in Pixodet might represent a luminescent spot of biological material for analysis. See images of spots on a microarray fluorescing at http://www.escience.ws/b572/L24/L24.htm We also would like the logo to contain multiple colors, since the DNA analysis is done with fluorescence of multiple colors.

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  • copy of other designer's work: http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/pixodet/designer/electra/?showunrated=1&showrated=1&showeliminated=1&rating=0&sortby=date&perpage=16&page=2; http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/pixodet/entry/40/
  • copy of other designer's work: http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/pixodet/designer/prabhuganga/?showunrated=1&showrated=1&showeliminated=1&rating=0&sortby=date&perpage=16; http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/pixodet/entry/31/
  • I like this. I'd like to see one more color for some of the droplets.
    • Hi, thanks for your feedback. Here's #45 and #46 with different colors applied to the droplets. Hope to get a feedback on this one as well. Thanks again

  • what font is used in #3 i really like it can someone tell me.
    • It's not a font, I constructed the letters but I'm sure you can find some similar free font on web. And don't copy other people's design, you have much better chances being original (your design is too close to someone's entry)

  • Thanks for creating all of the variations. After seeing them, I think they are a bit too complex. I still like this first one, but maybe with the "x" cropped like in #23.
    • No problem, the reason for so many variations was to try to explore more complex design and different colour combinations. Going back to simpler design from now on :)

  • #15 pls look my design and if there is any suggestion tell me pls
    • its to complex. with logo you want your design to be simple yet powerful.

  • too complex
  • too complex
  • too complex
  • too complex
  • too complex
  • I like this. Think about adding one more color for some of the spots.
  • Too complex
  • you entry is too much like entry 3 http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/pixodet/entry/14
  • I like this concept. I'd like to see it with the "o" outlined in black, and maybe try to use shading/highlighting to make the fill on the "o" look like a drop of liquid. I would also like to see if it might work with just two colors. You are on the right track. Thanks for participating.
  • I would like to see this with a lower case "p" and maybe a different font, and some other color combinations. I like the concept. It's on the right track.
  • I'd like to see this design with the double helix cropped top and bottom so that it just contains the darker segment constructing the "x". I would also like to see it in some other 2-color combinations. I think it might be interesting do to something with the "o" and the base of the "d" that would represent "spots" used in DNA microarray analysis, maybe droplets inside of them. Just some thoughts. This is my personal favorite design so far. Thanks for participating.
  • Hi CH, just submitted entries #11, #12 and #13 for your consideration. All three designs have same properties with slight variations. Hope you like them. Thank you.
  • using the "x" as DNA is idea/concept already used by entry 3 http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/pixodet/entry/6
  • halloo... CH... Please check my entri #59 and #60 , Any feedback will be helpful. Thanks
    • I like these designs, with preference for #60.