Planet 9 Productions

Impressed. I received a lot of designs to consider and several, 5 to 10, were quite excellent. I was also pleasantly surprised by the ease of interacting with the designers.


$375 paid

172 custom designs

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Winning design #70 by Octagon, Logo Design for Planet 9 Productions Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Octagon

Project description

I invest in films.  I formed a Production Company to further facilitate the production of feature films.  The name? You'll recall we had a planet named Pluto.  Then we didn't.  Then we got a new planet called Planet 9. This name a reminder to me that no matter how sure we are of something, we can always be wrong.  I like to help make films that help us to see and understand something from an entirely different perspective and quite possibly change what had previously been a fixed point of view.  I like the physical possibilities of the name P9P and the futuristic connotation, but its meant to be a bit whimsical and fun too.  Thanks for playing!

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