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Design Contest is an amazing forum. Here you have an unheard of advantage of having access to many talented artists. We selected a wonder logo design which presents our branding better than we could have ever done ourselves. The whole process was fun and exciting. I would do this again. Larry Tucker, CEO, Planet Body Mind .com LLC


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Winning design #78 by Dskwkrs, Logo Design for Planet Body Mind Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Dskwkrs

Project description

We are looking for a company branding logo for green oriented services. Please place emphasis on global citizenship and purity of food and personal products. Extra credit for somehow including clarity of thought or mind, meditation or mental balance. Further explanation: We are an affiliate marketing site. We will market only for good global citizens on the "Planet" section. We will offer only organic food or pure personal products. The mind section is about the body/mind connection in relation to health, longevity, and stress reduction methods. The color selections below are suggestions. We THINK would like to see greens and blues, but feel free to be creative, we are open. Including contrasting colors for these colors is encouraged. One underlying value is non-violent activitism which suggests a certain amount of resolute purpose and therefore boldness. If you visit our site you will see four different themes, one in each of the major areas. We are searching for the correct branding and we will eventually settle for a single one. The logo we like the best will likely help us make this decision.

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  • Please see entries #4 and #5. #4 has a bright, bold look to it. #5 is an abstract figure in a meditation pose. Feedback is greatly appreciated.
  • First entry - Good. Getting there. Think a bit bolder. More open design. Perhaps brighter and / or bolder on the colors.
  • Nice but too obvious. More abstract, and brighter colors.
  • Dskwkrs : They look great. Thank you for being so responsive. We don't have any revisons to suggest at this time.
  • reilydesign: Good concepts. We really liked your entries, good comments were made, but for us it needs more balance in composition, more striking elements and a bit more brilliant in color.
  • Hello Ch, Here are the revisions requested. #28 , #29 , and #30. Open for critique or revisions. Thank You
  • afaq #22 : The dove is a nice thought but does not directly relate to our ideas of our brand.
  • Acerinidesign03 #27 : Does not appear as very positive to us. First impression is someone "chained to the Earth". Not very interesting astheticly.
  • #19 Manju: Good concept. This is a favorite so far, but we would like to see the American Continents. Also clearer symbolism for "Mind" and a little brighter colors. Needs to "Pop" more.
  • #27 is actually a cleaner version let me know what you think
  • I just submitted number 26 its a lot less abstract and hopefully along the lines of what you are thinking let me know what you think
  • Dear CH, I just submitted #25, The logo is color coated, so the colors of the logo represent the type. I hope you can see the three elements in the logo (body, planet and mind). Also I made the mind be the biggest part of the logo because meditation is priority to you. I hope you like the concept, Thank you. Creativitron
  • Dskwkrs: #17 Your designs are a favorite except we don't see the "Planet" element. (If there was a globe in the background 17 would be in the 90's.) #16 This is getting very close to what I personally envisioned. But there are 4 of us deciding. I would like to see the planet in place of the blue sunburst.
  • Baumax: Your designs are beautiful but they suggest we are more oriented towards the female gender. We do not wish to give that impression. Keep them coming they are great, but you are losing points for the female slant. We wish to be gender neutral.
  • Dear CH thanks for your positive feedback, please check entry #12. Any changes can be made as desire by you. regards Afaq
  • What do you want to change in my designs? Do you like it?
  • Acerinidesign03 #11 While it has asthetic appeal, that seems to be all that it has. It says nothing about what we are about. It conveys nothing we asked for that I can see.
  • Please see #11 and let me know what you think... color can be changed
  • #9 is getting close. We like the colors and the concept best so far.
  • #5 caused the most discussion. We gave it kudos for originality and getting its idea across. (I am considering it for only the body/mind section.) We liked it a lot but it does not encompass enough "planet". We are pretty sure that our logo will have to suggest plants (Leaves or trees) in some form somewhere within.