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Winning design #217 by s2289, Logo Design for planify Contest
Gold Medal

designed by s2289

Project description

We are looking for a logo for our software/app planify. The logo should be rather minimalistic and should be able to work with and without the name planify.

Planify creates timesheets and billing info from calendar appointments, and provides company and individual dashboards showing your and your companys perfomance.

(colors are just an indication of the weight of the color we prefer. orange-grey, green-grey, reddish-blackgrey, someone made a very nice two-tone green logo. Better maybe to just let you designers pick :)

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  • We are humbled by the quality and amount of beautiful, interesting and fun logos you guys have designed. In reality we could have closed this contest after only day or two, because there was already so many nice logos. Thanks you all for your efforts, I hope you will have plenty work in the future. Best regards, Henri
    • @henrim_nor #702 hope u like it too

    • @PremiumArt concept only correct plans succeed. only planify make it happen.


    • @henrim_nor hello, sir ? i hope you like my design, if I'm selected as a winner, I would be happy and I will revise the design according to your wishes to completion. I would be very pleased to be working with you. I respect your decision. thanks. best regards. haidar

  • Here is update with additional color option,
    Greetings! #631
    • @Ibdesign About #631, @Ibdesign Dear, my apologize, I late with last design, but if you think for this design has potential you can count on me for any modification or correction if you need. Greetings! Ivo

  • About #35, @Haidar very cool! (but the icon reminds me to much about a magnifying glass, is it possible to tweak it a bit, or add something so it's clear it is not)
    • About #35, @henrim_nor
      thanks you very much for your feedback, I will always give my best to you.

    • About #736, @henrim_nor
      Hello, henri

      I follow the development of the contest that you open, I followed from the beginning of the contest is open until today,
      thank you for the value you provide, if you choose me to be a winner, with pleasure I will improve my design and I will send the file as you need to complete.

      best reegards.


  • i hope this works for you #842
  • thanks, like the idea a lot, would like the green either dark gray or maybe another orange, the font looks a bit squished, would prefer another, but quite similar :) thanks! #789
  • please check all the options before you consider a winner, Thank You #804
  • i can chanfe the color combinations of the logo if you want to #789
  • About #740, Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
  • feedback me #738
  • hello, sir.
    i hope you rate my design.

    thank you very much :)


    haidar. #733
  • Here is my design.
    Hope you like it. #708
  • About #702, @PremiumArt Hiiiiiiiiiiii
  • its if no gradiation... #691
  • hello sir , how are you..
    i submit design again for you , i hope you enjoy my design.
    please leave a feedback and rate , thanks :) #690
  • please advice, thanks. #689
  • this is my design , give me a feedback thank you ,,, #682
    THANK YOU :) #670
  • #667 Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
  • gggghghhgh #658
  • Hi again sir, please check the new logo version. thank you. #642