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This is a new company and the new logo will be used on business cards, website, letterheads, merchandise box, and delivery vehicle. I am open to ideas. Logo and company name does not have to have the word "Inc." A logo that is clean, professional, and contemporary. The logo needs to be clearly visible and easy to read from a distance. Also needs to be easily printed and not too "detailed", since an excessive use of different colors would be very expensive, please keep it to four colors or less.

The contest holder (Focus Poly Inc) will have ownership and all rights to the winning design chosen. Ownership (copyright and title) of the final artwork become the property of the Client (Focus Poly Inc.), having unlimited, indefinite, and royalty-free use of the image and design.

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  • do you have the right to this design? I was told this design was deleted b/c it violated certain terms and was a copy of another.
  • Sorry sharie, but I don`t get the ideea why you say this, because of those balls? My oranges balls are far from beeing the same with the balls from the other design. Anything else is an original concept and my personal ideea. No one has an another wholesale icon. + I worked a lot with that icon. The font is also different from others. I`m really sad for this infractions. If the CH like this better than other designs, means that it`s different than other`s. This is my opinion, sorry if I was to agresive in this post, but I think that it`s incorect to delete all of my best entrys at the final of the contest, when I was to win it. Best regards, Gery.
  • The design concept is too much like another designers concept
  • sure.. ill submit new entry soon as soon i get idea
  • Once you decide who the winner is then you can contact that designer and get all the paperwork in and such, but no contact while contest is live.
  • Gery, what happened to your two designs with the box with orange balls coming out? why was it deleted?
  • can I have them contact me after the contest ends? How am I suppose to have them sign waivers of rights to logo and make sure they are the owners of such logo before declaring them winners?
  • Dear CH, its against the rules to have any contact outside DC while contest is running. Designers, contacting any CH outside DC will result in a permanent ban. Thank you and good luck to everyone. /ZukiH DC mod
  • hi cclark, can you contact me at EDIT for matters regarding your design? thanks.
  • Gery, can you email me your email so I may contact you regarding certain matters? thank you. EDIT
  • hi Moriba, can you email me your email address so I may contact you regarding certain matters? thank you. EDIT
  • this one is almost one of my favorites out of all of them, is there something we can do with the single color b&w design? It doesn't look right... can you somehow fix this. It is fairly important since we will use single color on cardboard boxes and most plastic bags.
  • there's something really neat about this logo that I like alot. any other suggestins?
  • I really like the direction this is going. any more ideas?
  • Hi mxs506, thanks for feedback, I can't sent additional entries as I've reached my entry limit. In order for me to sent the revision, could you please check "Would like to see a revision" Thanks amir
  • amir, is it easy to "fatten" up or thicken the font? I'm afriad its too thin. what do you think?
  • I do like the F and P logo, but its very 3D and the shading makes it look good. Not sure how well it would work on a box or or trying to print it on a truck or a plastic bag. its hard to get those details in...
  • do you think the logo overwhelms the company name? Not really sure if "incorporated" is necessary as well. Do you think putting "wholesale packaging supplies" would work well? Just some suggestions....
  • a little bit too cartoonish. can you please retry again? thank you.
  • would appreciate it if you can give it another try? it just looks too plain without any real logo. thank you